The splendour awaits you in George Town, Cayman Islands

The splendour awaits you in George Town, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Island – Aerial photo by Courtney Platt

The Cayman Islands, situated in the Western region of the Caribbean Sea. It is a British Overseas Territory comprised of three islands—Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. The Cayman Islands are in the tropical marine climate, and is well known for its water sports, world banks and unique Cayman vibe of its people and culture. The Cayman Islands is all about the rich breathtaking blue waters as it draws all types of tourists from all over the world to its shores; they simply adore the beaches, for diving, swimming and just basking in its glory.


The capital of the Cayman Islands is George Town and it is situated in the biggest island of the three Cayman Islands; Grand Cayman. Mr. Isaac Bodden, Cayman Islands’ first permanent inhabitant was born in George Town in 1661, not to mention that Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers migrated to George Town after taking Jamaica. George Town of Grand Cayman has many historic events that make great stories to residents and vacationers alike.

In addition to the scrumptious dishes and restaurants in the Cayman Islands, there is the world famous Tortuga Company which exports rum cakes and spirits worldwide, so it’s definitely a must-see on your trip.


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George Town is a popular port for cruise ships with diverse tourists coming to the island during their Caribbean cruises. Ships that dock on the George Town port usually bring between 5,000 -20,000 passengers per day to the island, four to five days per week.

The area offers countless opportunities for shopping for souvenirs, restaurants for foodists to tantalize their taste buds, relaxation, and adventurous activities.

Great restaurants to try in the capital of the Cayman Islands are the Brasserie, Blue by Eric Ripert, Casanova by the Sea, Kirk Market, the Lobster Pot or Rackman’s Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, to name a few.


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The top ten activities to engage in in George Town are very enticing to the inland tourist. They include visiting the Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery, the Cayman Island Brewery, the Port of George Town, the beautiful galleries and museums, Clock Tower, the Historic Stepwell. These historic landmarks really make for great photos and have breathtaking scenery; if you travel to George Town make sure to visit the Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum.

Visitors like to arrange to go on tours while in George Town and the most popular are safari/wildlife tours, sightseeing, eco-tours, boat and private tours. These tours are easily accessible through booking with the hotel you are staying at or with the cruise ship in which you arrived to the island. However, if you want to save money and ‘live a little’, you can easily hop in a route or chartered taxi at your nearest point and they will take you around for a fraction of the cost. Also, it really doesn’t hurt to experience the island’s capital on foot, as everything that would attract a visitor is in close proximity.

If you just want to do activities on your own, there are scuba and snorkeling, water sports, theatre and cinemas, bars and clubs and gift and specialty shops available across the area.


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George Town honestly has a little for everyone, as with most, if not all Caribbean countries, it brings its own unique vibe offering a once in a lifetime experience to the adventure seeker or the laidback lounger who just wants to take in nature and the exclusivity of the Caribbean.

If you are dreaming to visit one of the islands of the Caribbean that will have you wishing you could move there right away, the Cayman Islands is definitely the place to book for your Caribbean getaway.


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By Alexandra Daley



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