The Sky Is the Limit Says Jamaican Entertainer, Susan “Wally British” Williams

Susan Williams, also known as “Wally British”, is a social media blogger, comedian, Reggae artist, and aspiring actress from the rural community of Norwich in Portland, Jamaica. Now residing in Orlando, Florida she’s known in entertainment circles for her comedy and straight talk.

Since high school Wally was branded as a comedian and entertainer among her peers. Trips to England from Jamaica, combined with a name gave birth to the pseudonym Wally British.

Susan "Wally British" Williams“[It was quite natural for me. I thought], if I could make my friends laugh why not make other people laugh? So I decided to go to a wider audience,” she explained.

She began her journey by posting on Facebook. Her page, Wally British, Str8888 Talk, real Issues…No Filter, addresses many of the social issues which she felt her readers needed to hear and comment on.

But her posts weren’t attracting many responses so in 2014 she began making videos which eventually went viral. She now appeals to a wide audience and has developed a fan base among all ages.

“In the beginning I thought it was [mainly] younger people but the first show I went on was Ragashanti’s show in New York in April of last year. When I went I could tell the crowd was mostly 40 and up and I felt I was out of place. However, I went on and they loved my performance, so I realized that my audience didn’t have an age limit,” said Wally.

An Administrative Assistant by day, Williams has several alter-egos after hours. Also known as the Queen of Straight Talk and Miss Bun Up, she has become a social media phenomenon. Since going viral, she’s had interview requests from Miss Kitty on Nationwide FM; CVM TV Jamaica, Lime Comedy Cook up Show, and CVM at Sunrise.

Wally British has also made inroads in the music industry; performing at Sting and launching a popular single, Gal Need Fi Wake Up, which has been well received. She’s also seen as a natural fit for Dance Hall and Reggae by local producers who think that her humor compliments these genres well.

But her achievements and ambitions don’t end there.

Susan "Wally British" Williams“I’m considering [some] acting. That’s something I really want to do and [I’m] just waiting for the opportunity. I’ve had a little taste of it though, thanks to the Ity & Fancy Cat show in Jamaica,” Wally commented.

Her greatest inspiration is her uncle, Tex Wallace, who taught her that she could be anything that she wanted to be in life.  His emphasis on hard work, determination, and balance has motivated her to continue reaching for the stars.

Now overwhelmed by her success, Wally British can hardly believe how much she has achieved.

“Well, to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting anything. I didn’t know what to expect and really I didn’t have any plans in place. However, I’m enjoying the turn out and I plan to maximize on every opportunity to make my performance better,” she said.

Her number one priority for 2015 is to continue being relevant in the entertainment industry. “I will do whatever I have to do to secure a spot for a long time to come,” Wally articulated.

“I want to positively impact my audience and simply make them laugh. My happiest time is when I make a video and the responses are all ‘lol’ or ‘dwl’. It means the world to me! I love to laugh myself so I’m happy that what I do makes other people laugh,” said an obviously amused Wally.

With a whirlwind career in comedy, Wally admitted that in order to stay relevant she needs to continue honing her craft.

“Each day I continue to reflect on yesterday’s performance or post in order to make tomorrow’s better. I appreciate my audiences and fans. They’ve motivated me to become more successful,” she said.

How does she plan to positively impact the lives of others?

“Well I’ve noticed that being a public figure, which I have become, gives you several good platforms. There are thousands of people that watch and listen to what you say. It gives you a fan base and once fans love you they will become a part of whatever you do and you can even solicit their help in whatever you do,” she noted.

“What I’ve begun to do and will continue to do is to help others. I want to give back and make things happen to make others happy.  I’ve done a Nails and a Valentine’s Day competition and gave up prizes since I’ve started. And this week I will be making a video seeking help for a child born with cerebral palsy and bringing awareness to cases like these. So what I wish to do most of all is to help. I also help a lot of people on a daily basis with my thoughts on their personal living situation with my straight up honesty,” explained Wally.

Susan "Wally British" WilliamsSusan “Wally British” Williams is as authentic and sincere as her comedy. She believes that God paved the way at this particular time for her; that He has inspired her efforts and has guided her thus far.

She encourages others who are trying to get into the industry to be, “As original as possible and be yourself and if you have a natural talent it won’t go unnoticed.”

“I plan to venture into several areas of entertainment in the future and I don’t intend to put all her eggs in one basket.  I’m planning to do some music, and would love some acting roles, and wouldn’t mind a shot as radio personality or a host for a television,” touted an ambitious Wally. “The sky is the limit!”

By Karl A. Haughton

Photos courtesy of Wally British

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