The Reviews are in and they are awesome, Right Girl Wrong Address

The story is set in the capital city of an island washed by the Caribbean Sea and explores the ingrained societal prejudices faced by residents of the Inner-City, simply because of their place of residence, and some of the actions they employ to overcome considerable odds.

The writer takes us into the world of young inner-city product Charm(aine) and her struggles to provide for her family as the sole breadwinner. It is a world in which the mask of prejudice is removed to reveal some of the harsh realities of life in the ghetto, and the disdain of uptown towards their plight.

Here are some of the reviews by patrons and media outlets which suggest that the play Right Girl Wrong Address should be enjoyed by patrons in the Washington Metro area.

Right Girl, Wrong Address is another hit for Patrick Brown and his team and should not be missed. A family-friendly, girls night out, after work chill out, solid good time, with a little life lesson for all.-

Right Girl, Wrong Address is an engaging and fulfilling experience. –

Yet another fine example of Brown’s masterful storytelling (blending humour and drama, wit and comedic punch), Right Girl Wrong Address is one of the best productions you’ll see in town this season. Tackling poverty, pride and prejudice and one young woman’s risky push for prosperity, the play both entertains and enlightens. Tyrone’s Verdict: A-  –

Laughing non-stop….keep up the good works — Shannakay Sashii Robinson

Everything about is up, it’s amazing character a and clean nice jokes just awesome!!!!!! Carlette Blake

“I’ve tried and watched most of the plays and there’s not one I don’t like. I love how the actors and audience react with each other. not to mention the food during the break nice bad….Va Nessa

Everyone deserves to know what they are getting into when they are about to watch a play in Jamaica is what my boyfriend told me. Which is why he decided to provide as much clear and concise information regarding the patois dialect to prepare me as a Trinbagonian with small island parents.

Maybe you are looking for something pop-culture inclined, traditionally colloquial; religiously resonating; spiritually invoked; musically moving and positively inspiring or something that does not fit into one of the many categories mentioned? Go ahead and take a look at Right Girl Wrong Address.

Of course it is great to bring your entire family along, however, I strongly believe that this play does not extend to children under the age of 13. Avril Purcell

best plays ever… Love their theatre – Talia Watson

It was again an awesome production! I enjoyed from the first moment to the last! My favourite actors in theatre represented well! Powerful message as per usual! Was well worth the wait and the futile efforts to get tickets before. Big up to the Production Team! Can’t wait for the next adventure!
Marion Maragh

I STRONGLY encourage persons to go out and see this play. The script was excellent and the cast superb. From the lead actors to the those with cameo appearances… all members did an excellent job. As it relates to the script – I will say the first half of the play focused on keeping the audience in stitches!!! Laughter galore. The second half then took you the whole gamut of emotions… laughter, tears and ultimately… well I won’t say but encourage you all to go out and see it!!!!! Barry Siwel ·

Right Girl Wrong Address is the best play in have seen.— Faithlyn Myles

I finally got to see Right Girl Wrong Address it was worth the wait plus I got to share it with my family. It was just awesome we all laughed so has a message of resilience and beautiful love story. Go see it. —Deigo Owayne Hanson Schochmatic

Amazing show. Enjoyed every minute from start to finish!! Hilarious, true to life and a powerful overarching theme. The cast was on point with vocals as well!! Loved it!— Kerry-Ann Wilson

 Right Girl Wrong Address is the best play I have watched in a while. The storyline was great, it was hilarious, Sakeena had me in stitches. It’s a must watch I would watch it again. Good job Center Stage keep it up.— Rasberrie Spence

A great show never a dull moment full of laughter the singing the dancing good the cast great I must watch this again.— Evan James

Karl A. Haughton

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