The Power of Words

power of words


Without words, we would have nothing to talk about
Nothing to discuss
No reason to fight
No reason to fuss
But in the beginning was the Word
And it took on flesh and dwelt among us

Becoming the prelude to express how we feel
bringing our thoughts to life
causing our emotions to become real
The manifestation of our feelings they reveal

Yet, like dust
They’re fleeting in the air
But in the silence
Their echoes can still be heard
For in that moment the message is clearly transferred

At times they can stab
Cutting like a wheeling sword at war
Leaving us wounded
Emotional battle scars
Covering our heart
Etched on our skin
A constant reminder of where we’re coming from
Where we’ve been

Words, once spoken
cannot be taken back
They sometimes lay dormant
unclaimed  baggage that was never unpacked
Tick, tock… tick, tock
Just waiting for the right moment
to go on the attack

Life and death rest in the tongue
So it has been said, so shall it be done
The power to kill, the power to cure
We hold the key to unlock any door

Words have the power to make the strong hearts weak
The miracles happen every time we speak
So with every word that comes from our breath
Let’s choose life over death
We can either speak love or we can speak hate
It’s a decision we all have the power to make

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved

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