The Politicians delighted thousands in Canada

The Politicians delighted thousands of fans over the Canada Day holiday weekend. Stages Productions’ hilarious play was well received by all in attendance. The production team and the entire cast demonstrated enthusiam, spiced with humour in delivering a well scripted play by Paul O Beale. DOH Productions Inc. who presented the play in Canada would like to commend the stage and technical members of the production; John Isaacs demonstrated his knowledge and skill and ensured that all systems, cues, and technical details of the play were intact. Patrick Smith, Gertrude Campbell, and Delroy Collington must also be commended for their professionalism and knowledge, transforming the venues that set the stage for 4 consecutive nights of pure fun and entertainment.

The Politicians was enjoyed by thousands of fans in the GTA and Hamilton and DOH Productions, Inc. is thankful for your support and promises to keep you entertained by some of the many great performers from the Caribbean and Canada.

Cast of The Politicians: Andrea 'Delcita' Wright, Johnny Daley, Abigail Grant, Junior Williams, Stacey-Ann Brissett, Michael Nicholson, Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay, and Patrick Smith.

We would like to also take another opportunity to thank our sponsors: Jamaica House Kitchen (Brampton locations), J. C. Harper Clothiers Ltd, Dee Harris Photography, Border Line Restaurant, and Telehop.  

We would also like to acknowledge: Share, Pride, Eventobe, G98.7 FM and CHRY 105.5 FM for their efforts to help with publicizing this production.

Look of for the hilarious and though-provoking play,Old Friends, starring Terri Salmon in August 2012. Please vist or call 647.787.6612 for more details.



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