The Grenada Dove is the Spice Island’s bird of Honor

The Grenada Dove

grenada_dove1The Grenada Dove, Liptotilla wellsi, is one of the two flagship species on the island, the other being the Hook-billed Kite. The Grenada Dove is considered Endemic and Critically Endangered. It was declared the National Bird in 1990 and since then replaced the Ramier or Scaly-Naped pigeon as seen on the coat of arms for Grenada.

The Grenada Dove is presently the only endemic bird on the island. The Hook-billed kite a subspecies of the Cuban Kite hopefully will acquire endemic status upon further scientific research being conducted. The Grenada is said to be very shy and is seldom seen, but more often heard.

The dove can be identified by its white shoulder bands and dark brown back, cinnamon breast and red feet.  Learn more about the Grenada Dove



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