The Evolution of Current Fashion Trends from 2012-2014

To define what’s on trend is a very delicate and complex thing. It’s much like trying to pinpoint the one grain of salt that made your food go from bland to flavorful. There are many influences on what’s trending depending on the social, economic, political, and cultural changes that occur in countries around the world. These trends are not only influenced by these factors but subsequently influence the poorer minorities based on the socio-economics in the culture. In the past few years, we have seen an influx of feminine lines, past trends revived, and a more comfortable approach to design in women’s apparel. Let’s delve deeper into these specific trends to try examining their influences and effects.

Peplum skirtDesigners seem to be much more appreciative of the women’s natural shape and tendencies with a few of these trends that started on the runway. The Peplum Skirt, for example, accentuates a woman’s natural curves in a flattering manner. Even if someone wasn’t blessed with curves, Peplum can add magic where there’s less. Peplum has got an understated elegance and classy vibe to it making this one trend that may stick around.

A few other trends in color and pattern that may strike you as feminine are glitter and bold patterned dresses. We’re seeing glitter far more than on New Year’s Eve and birthday parties. This fun and girly color is seen in clutches, pumps, and even full dresses. And speaking of dresses, a bold patterned dress is a huge trend over the past few years.

Retro Revival
rihanna-cropped-topThrow back styles from the 20s to the 90s have been popping up in recent fashion trends. Cropped tops were seen in fashion trends as early as the 1940s but really became popular in the 1970s/80s. This particular trend seems to have been brought back not by high-end fashion, but instead by pop culture icons like Rihanna.

This ancient trend made a comeback recently: overalls! No longer seen as the style for 2 year olds and farmers, this cute and casual trend has returned with a modern twist. Easy to wear and find, overalls could have made a comeback due to its availability. Walk into any vintage or discount store and you’ll find them.

Dress For Comfort
Want to wear a one piece clothing option that’s not a dress? A jumpsuit is the way to go. Not that it is probably the most comfortable item in your closet, but it’s the chicest! It’s been fashion staple for the 1960s and the 1980s that has made a comeback.

Definitely inspired by other cultures, every fashionista and wannabe has been rocking the Kimono Cardigan / Jacket for the past few years, and we can’t blame them; it’s super comfortable, easy to wear, and decidedly stylish. You can get one light enough to wear on a hot summer day or you can layer it up for a cooler evening.

We agree that the fashion industry doesn’t give much credit to the minorities, but from these examples, it seems to me like the minorities are having more subtle influences on current fashion trends. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section and on social media!

By: Andrea White

Andrea WhiteAndrea White | Fashion Blogger Tea drinker and self-proclaimed dork, Andrea enjoys the challenge of finding her girly, chic fashion items despite her budget restrictions.




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