The Enemy Within

the enemy within

The Enemy Within

I’m fighting an enemy that I cannot see.
Trapped in a battle as fierce as world war three.
My life is at stake,
So I’m fighting to be free,
But when I took a stock,
The enemy was me.

became my own lawyer, judge, and contemptuous jury;
Giving myself a life sentence of pain, frustration and misery.
Allowing the enemy to play me like a toy.
For his only job is to steal, kill and destroy;
And I gave him the license to take my joy.

Using my own heart as a weapon of choice,
I even gave him consent to use my own voice.
Now the echoes just linger in my head…
Will I win this war or just end up dead?
With everyone I meet,
I always think twice;
Are they out to get me?
Or are they just being nice?

The burden has become too much to bare;
And I’m simply tired of running scared.
Tired of shadow boxing in the dark.
Tired of shooting for the prize;
and always missing the mark.
The fruits of my spirit have become bitter sweet.
I realize that it’s a losing battle;
And I’m ready to retreat.

They say, “Put on the whole armor!
if you want to win the fight.
Stop looking back;
And continue walking in the light.”
I know some things are easier said than done;
But I must trust my father.
For the love of his son!

He said, “Stand on my promises;
For my word cannot return void.
I’ll teach you to walk on water;
And part your Red Sea.
For you are made in my image;
And what is to be must be,
But you must trust and agree.”

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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