The Definition of Family

The word family is thrown around very easily.  It is taken for granted and not always appreciated. The connotation should represent the love, respect and admiration one has for someone who is related to them through blood, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

The Definition of Family

Family members do not always treat each other the way they should.  Instead of a bond, there is often animosity.  This world is not a perfect place but the love of family is one of those things that should be revered.  Family members should be able to rely on each other.  The foundation of family is one of the tools needed in order for individuals to feel confident and strong enough to build and extend positive relationships.

It is important for young people to see and know that they are surrounded by love.  I liken the familial bond to that of a tree being planted and expected to grow.  If the roots of the tree are planted firmly in the ground, said tree will grow strong and last forever if it is watered and nourished.  A family unit should nourish each other and if necessary ‘carry’ the weaker members.

Just like a mother taking care of her child who is ill, so should individuals within the family ‘support’ and ‘take care of’ each other.   I am not talking about giving handouts, but literally supporting each other.  Or, offering positive feedbacks and giving solicited advice.

The Definition of Family

A family does not have to be made up of blood relatives.  Sometimes people are born into a group that just does not offer them love or support.  These individual are mistreated by others who are supposed to love them.   Not all parents are supportive or love their children.    Siblings do have rivalry and not every member will fit.

People become estranged from their actual family unit for many different reasons.  Maybe family members ostracize a member because that individual is gay or lesbian.  It could even be a child who is removed from a home because the parents are not fit.  Whatever the situation, members sometimes are estranged.  In a case where the blood relatives do not accept one of its members, said member will be pushed from the group to fend for themselves.

The Definition of Family

Caucasian gay couple smiling with baby boy in backyard

That person if they are lucky enough will find another ‘family’ who will accept him or her and freely give them the love and support they needed from their blood relatives.  A family can be one or many, related or not.  The important thing is that each member receives the nourishment they need in order to grow.  Embrace your family.  It is truly a wonderful thing when the group you are born into accepts you and loves you unconditionally.  Do not take this for granted because there are many who wish they have what you do.

By Janet Chambers

Janet Chambers

I am an author who self publishes.  My books can be found on or my website, Islandgrlbooks.  I also have a weekly blog which is also published on my website. This blog is meant to inspire.   Please feel free to check out my web page and subscribe so than you will have access to my Newsletter with the first publication happening in June.  My books involve LGBT couples who find love in a world that tells them they are wrong to even believe it can happen for them.  I write romance and erotica’s and my couples always find their HEA.



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