The Caribbean’s Foremost Dance Group NDTC to Perform in Toronto, Canada

The National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) of Jamaica will perform on November 4, 2014 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada. The evening will highlight the much-anticipated, Tribute to Rex.  Ralston Milton “Rex” Nettleford, OM, FIJ, OCC, was the company’s co-founder, a public intellectual, an activist and a global citizen.

The Caribbean's Foremost Dance Group NDTC to Perform in Toronto, Canada
This performance will feature performances from NDTC’s repertoire, built on dance and shored up by remarkable music, costume and choreography.  The Toronto gathering will also feature the company’s seminal work, a program to include the Súlkari (1980), an elaborate, Yoruba-inspired dance of exaltation. This introspective of the ever complicated male-female relationship is a fusion of artistic forms choreographed by Eduardo Rivero-Walker, featuring Marlon Simms, now NDTCs associate artistic director.

Súlkari is accompanied by the bold, uber-contemporary Urban Fissure (2004). Featuring the music of the legendary Bob Marley, Eryka Badu and a Rastaman Chant with Busta Rhymes In the 2010 work Minutes and Seconds, the stealth of choreographers Kerry-Ann Henry and Momo Sanno is a reminder that life, though complicated, demands respect and reflection for the simple yet powerful things God has created, and for the company’s devotees, the much lauded Nettleford masterpiece, Dialogue For Three (1963)—a true feminist libretto, and tense tale of three—is a classic tutorial in male struggle and helplessness “in the face of female force.”

Artistic director, visionary and technician artist Barry Moncrieffe says, “The season promises to be a rewarding and uplifting experience for audience members.” Moncrieffe, committed to legacy building, is creatively governed by the company’s core values of exploration, experimentation, renewal, and continuity — a formula that has made NDTC Alvin Ailey’s Diasporic twin and a revolutionary creative force in modern dance.

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