The Caribbean Community Strategic Plan 2015-2019

The Caribbean Community Strategic Plan
(2015-2019) Vol 1: The Executive Plan

The Strategic Plan for the Caribbean Community outlines the strategic repositioning of the Community, and captures a development agenda going forward that encompasses: i) a review of development needs; ii) a Resilience Model for socio-economic progress; iii) strategies to renew the commitment to and strengthen actions for enhancing regional unity; and, iv) an agenda for the reform of governance mechanisms to achieve these two major forward thrusts. At the same time, as a framework for action, the Strategic Plan allows for selection of, and agreement on, the narrow range of actions that are pursued each year of the plan period in pursuit of the Region’s development goals. As well, the Plan outlines the implementation imperatives, strategic and change management modalities with the necessary monitoring, measurement and evaluation frameworks.

The Plan is in three Volumes. Volume 1, the Executive Plan, presents an abbreviated version of the full Plan for easy perusal. It includes an introductory section at Chapter 1; the full strategic framework at Chapter 2 (which is the same as Chapter 4 in the full plan); and a summary of the proposed management arrangements at Chapter 3 (Chapters 5, 6 and 7 in the full plan).

Caricom strategic plan 2Volume 2 is the full Strategic Plan for the Caribbean Community 2015-2019 and is structured as follows: Chapters 1 to 3 provide: i) the context of the Community; ii) a quick summary of the planning process engaged; and, iii) critical strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the Community, after doing a wide ranging scan of the internal and external environments. Chapter 4 is the heart of the Plan. It presents the vision, mission, core values and strategies for building resilience and unity and enhancing governance.

The Strategic Plan for the Community 2015 – 2019 is in direct response to the need to target “… a narrow range of specified outcomes within specified timeframes, focusing on a few practical and achievable goals” in relation to the regional development agenda. This is particularly important given the Community’s limited resources. However, the Strategic Plan has been prepared after consultation with the widest possible range of stakeholders and the intense engagement with Member States, Institutions, the CARICOM Secretariat and other stakeholders has resulted in a much wider mandate.





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