The Benefits of Natural Juices

The Benefits of Natural Juices

In modern times, we mostly rely on packaged and carbonated beverages to quench our thirst without ever giving a thought about their detrimental effects on our health. They are hardly able to supply our body with the crucial nutrients unlike natural juices freshly squeezed out off raw vegetables and fruits. Natural juice is a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, plenty of enzymes and vital pigments which boost up our health and take care of our well being. Since we prepare the juice using at least three or more servings, hence, the nutrient content of a glass of juice is much more than that present in a single serving of a fruit or vegetable. Appropriate selection of fruits and vegetables along with their proper cleaning before juicing allow us to enjoy their benefits to the fullest. Now let’s take a look at the changes they bring within our body:

Improved immune system: The rich minerals, phyto-chemicals and antioxidants in the juices promote overall healing of the body and protect it from several perils that hamper our life processes and make us ill. Pumpkin juice rich in Vitamin A and C as well as juices of kiwi, cucumber, wheatgrass, orange, lemon and parsley keeps us immune against diseases.

Cardiovascular health: The combined effort of nutrients of fresh natural juice protect the artery walls from being ruptured by the harmful free radicals, facilitate free flow of blood through blood vessels, control blood pressure and lowers triglyceride level in blood. Thus a daily dose of natural juice of fruits and vegetables like carrot, pineapple, ginger, parsley and grapes will ensure a healthy heart. The chlorophyll from juices of green vegetables is assimilated and converted to haemin which in turn aid renewal of RBC.

Improved performance of digestive process: Given that we do away with the dietary fibres of zero nourishing value while preparing fresh juice, the latter can be easily digested and assimilated within 15-20 minutes. Tomato juice enhances our appetite, mend intestinal lesions and maintain overall health of duodenal intestine. Cabbage juice is also found effective in healing gastric ulcers and prevent gas formation.

Liver detoxification: The Benefits of Natural JuicesAntioxidants, β-carotene, vitamin C, E, riboflavin and niacin in juices drive away the filthy toxins as well as other metabolic wastes from our body, purify blood and keep the liver clean. Juices of cabbage, brussel, sprout and tomato specialise in detoxification of liver.

Enhanced beauty: Adding a daily bout of tomato, potato, spinach, asparagus and blueberry juice in your daily beauty regimen will add a healthy glow to your skin. Antioxidants counteract the harmful free radicals that scorch our skin due to sun exposure and keep it free from any ugly blemishes. Regular supplies of vitamin B complex from juices prevent cracked lips, hair loss and oily skin. Lowering of the cholesterol reduces weight and makes us look lean, thus adding to our charm

Other benefits: juices control fluid balance and protect our body from dehydration. β-carotene in orange coloured juices synthesizes vitamin A which is indispensable for retina and helps in accurate vision. Owing to higher alkalinity compared to fruit juices, vegetable juices maintain an apt ph balance in our body which results in superior brain function. Vitamins in lime juices make our bones stronger while the iron is essential for pregnant women.

Absence of natural juices in our diet will summon quite a lot of disorders like dermatitis, anaemia, heart disorders, diabetes and even cancer. One will also face disturbances in vision like night blindness, cataract and age related macular degeneration.

The Benefits of Natural Juices

So, everyone should adopt the healthy habit of drinking natural juices every day as an additional supplement or along with meal. If your busy life keeps you from preparing fresh juice, then avoid processed drinks with sweeteners and stick to packaged products marked “100% original juice”. Therefore, savour the “drink of the nature” and feel the sense of salubrity within you. 

By: Liya Das



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