Tessanne Chin: Reggae, Dancehall and, Rock fusion singer

tessanechin article pic 4 reference is last.fmBorn to Christine and Richard Chin, this Jamaican, reggae fusion recording artist has paved her way and contributed positively to the music industry. She is just one of the many songbirds in her family, as her sister is the famous Tami Chynn and her cousin, J Hall. (image credit: last.fm)

Introduced to singing at a tender age, being exposed to music as her parents had a music studio at their house, she was then encouraged to join Cathy Levy’s ‘Little People and Teen Players Club’ where she got a taste of the performing arts. She was given vocal training from both her mother and renowned vocal coach Lecie Wright when her parents realized her natural talent. Although she moved to England at age twelve, she is believed to have coped with the cultural diversity and alienation by writing songs.

tessanechin article pic 1 reference is yardedge.netGaining experience with age, she returned to Jamaica, where she joined the Jamaican Rock Band called ‘Mile High’ where she performed in various concerts of which included ‘Rockfest’ and ’Jazzfest’ among others. It was after touring with Jimmy Cliff for about three years she ventured to explore the prospects of a solo career. Not only touring with Jimmy Cliff had she gotten the experience she needed to launch her solo career, but she also opened for celebrities such as Peabo Bryson,  Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight.(image credit: yardedge.net.jpg)

She owes her unique music style to the legends Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Pat Benatar, Diana King, among others, all of which she calls her inspiration.

tesanne chin - star                               Image credit: Jamaica-Star.com

Her solo career won for her continuous support from a wide range of audiences. In 2006 she debuted her first single entitled ‘Hideaway’, under the production of Paul Kastick and Rudy Valentino, and the level of acceptance resulted in the song being aired on select stations in New York and Jamaica. ‘Hideaway’ was so big that it was featured on VP Records’ Reggae Gold 2007.  She was motivated to launch two more singles, ‘Black Boots’ in 2007  and ‘Messenger’ in 2008 along with performances at ‘Port Royal Music Festival’, ‘The Jazz and Blues Festival’, ‘ABC Slim Traxx’ and host her own show, ‘Arabian Night’.

Live performances and debut singles are only a part of her music career. Chin also collaborated with various artistes including Third World the Band, Shaggy and Kes the Band, featured in ‘By My Side’, ‘Never Let Go’ and ‘Loving You’. ‘You and Me’ was a collaboration she wrote and performed alongside her older sister Tami Chynn.

She enjoys doing remakes of other artistes’ works including Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ and Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’, adding her twist to each remake. Her album was released in 2010, entitled ‘In Between Words’ as well as her fourth single release ‘Are Yuh Gonna.’tessanechin article pic 2 reference is risingstarstv.net

In the Jamaica Gleaner article entitled ‘Reggae Sumfest singing sensations’, Tessanne says that, “Rock is in her blood, but so is soul, reggae, punk, and let’s just say the list goes on.” The fusion of these music genres are ever present in her singles and performances. (image credit: risingstarstv.net.jpg)

By: Alexandra Daley



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