Terry Brown writes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Open Letter to the P.M. of Canada The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau

House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
April 18th. 2016

Terry Brown writes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

T.L. Brown

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Congratulations on your magnificent victory, and promising leadership achievements thus far. I am writing to you as a very concerned citizen of Canada, concerning a very controversial matter. This matter is not native to Canada; in fact, it is an international issue. The matter which I wish to bring to your attention is rooted in one of your campaign promises; namely, the legalization of marijuana.

Citizens of Canada and the rest of the world are holding their collective breaths waiting to see how you handle this global political hot potato. I do not think there are many politicians that would care to be wearing your political-boots, sir: The reason being that it seems you will be dammed if you do and damned if you don’t. Of course, that is when this issue is viewed through the narrow lens of trying to appease public opinion. I invite you, Mr. Prime Minister, to take a far more critical view of the real situation that you, Canada, and the world are facing.

What is being discussed and debated concerning legalization of marijuana is truly not related to Natural Marijuana. Instead it relates to man-made strains of the natural herb. It is a well-known fact that whatsoever Nature created cannot be Patented and owned by anyone, corporation, or government. Thus scientists manipulated the natural herb into becoming what is cultivated, marketed and consumed as Medicinal Marijuana. In doing so individuals, corporations, and governments can legally own patents to their creation(s).

With all due respect Mr. Prime Minister, I am well aware of the fact that often time when citizen(s) venture to point out irregularities or misconducts of governments such individuals or group are subjected to ridicules, abuses, and at times severe penalties, including death. I trust that the aforementioned will not apply in this instance.

I do not claim to be more knowledgeable or braver than any other citizen of this great nation. I just consider it my moral duty to make sure you are aware that there are ones among your citizenry who are aware of what is really going on. With all due respect sir I do not for a moment think that what I am bringing to your attention is, in any way, unknown to you and the members of your dignified government. You could not hold such exalted offices without knowledge of issues of the magnitude of marijuana legalization protocols.

I must hasten to add I am not advocating for the smoking of marijuana. I am addressing the farming, marketing, and consumption of marijuana in its natural form for the betterment of the human families and all other life forms. Natural Marijuana is a vegetable herb second to none. It can indeed breathe life into dying economies; however, there is no ethical reason for demonizing farmers, marketers and consumers who are engaged in cultivating, marketing and consuming this blessed gift of Nature.

There is overwhelming evidence to prove that health is not the prime motivator of the legalization phenomenon; instead, financial reward is undeniably the driving force that is propelling this occurrence. Evidence of this can be easily ascertained by viewing marijuana stocks on the stock markets. Governments are boasting of billions of dollars generated from the legalization of man-made marijuana: Undeniable Facts; yet there is no comprehensive report regarding the difference in benefits between medicinal and natural marijuana. Do you agree sir, that it would be quite interesting to learn how scientists manipulated God`s creation and made it more beneficial for human consumption?

Hon. Prime Minister please note that Natural Marijuana a.k.a. Cannabis has been around for thousands, if not billions of years. It has never attacked, damaged or killed any man, woman, animal or child. As far as my research allowed me to grasp no one was ever arrested, incarcerated, or killed for farming, marketing or consuming marijuana prior to the 1930s when individuals in the US conspired to make this Natural Herb illegal. (I stand corrected if I am in error)

Mr. Prime Minister, I appeal to your ability to reason, contemplate and make decisions which make sense to you. Notwithstanding your governmental restrictive protocols I implore you to be true to your heritage. I cannot be sure as to how your father would deal with this controversial issue however; it will be Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau that history will bear witness of concerning this very important matter.

I think the following questions warrant responses from the highest elected officer in the land. (1) Do you honestly accept that human beings are better equipped and more knowledgeable to make marijuana safer for human consumption than God/Nature? (2) Do you honestly accept that God and Nature made a mistake in creating marijuana in its natural state? (3) Are you aware that birds and animals consume marijuana without any medical prescriptions, and are never found injured or deceased from doing so? (4) Is it in your character to recognize that natural marijuana was created by divine authority for the benefit of humanity and other life forms? (5) Will you be the one to end this madness, at least in the country over which you presently have jurisdiction?

Terry Brown writes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I wish I possess the legal know-how to assist you with this difficult assignment, which definitely requires fortitude of the highest degree. Maybe it is possible to venture into the realm of spirit world and have a face to face with your honorable father. If you do please convey our undying respect and appreciation for his unselfish contributions to the Canadian Society.

I feel compelled by divine principles and my love for humanity to bring this crucial matter to your distinguished attention. In my humble submission, I suggest you pay immediate attention to the many known benefits of the herb called Cannabis/Marijuana. In doing so I trust you will eventually come to agree that Total Decriminalization of this Natural Herb is the only ethical option. Please note that Total means absolutely no penalty(s) for growing, marketing or consuming any portion thereof.

I cannot recall any clause in the Canadian Constitution stating that anyone should be denied the benefit(s) of any natural substance, herbs or plants which are provided by nature. If our constitution does not provide us such directive(s), it would appear that Marijuana should be ascribed the same privileges awarded to other herbs, vegetables, and plants.

Within the realms of ethics and morals legalization of marijuana can be construed as a crime against God/Nature and Humanity. It is ludicrous to place the creation of God and Nature on a list of Schedule 1 or 2 Drugs. In doing so one must agree that God and Nature created drugs, and therefore, God and Nature should be subjected to criminal charges based on the laws of men. This should be so because Natural Marijuana is not something made in someone’s backyard, laboratory or factory.

In my humble opinion Mr. Prime Minister a great place to begin is with the removal of Marijuana/Cannabis from being listed among drugs. My suggestion is based on the fact that all drugs are made by human beings: God and Nature do not create or make drugs – Facts!

Based on my limited vocabulary please forgive the simplicity by which I seek to engage your honorable attention. At times, I wish I posses words that would better articulate what I am so desperately trying to communicate. However, I trust you will attend to the content of this communication. My confidence that you will do right is based on my understanding that you are the prime minister of all Canadians- regardless of their social standing.

I am very much aware that your job as prime minister does not give you the right to do as you deem appropriate, ethical, or necessary. The mere fact that you have a job, indicate that you are being employed; which means; you have got an employer or employers. In recognition of this fact I am aware that much of what you put forth are dependent on the directive(s) of your employer(s). However, I must bring to your honorable attention the fact that should you disregard the content of this communication and move your promised legalization agenda forward…the son of the Rt. Hon Pierre Elliott Trudeau will go down in history as one that supported the conspiracy against God, Nature, and Humanity regarding the vegetable herb popularly known as Marijuana.

I am moved to think that one day (maybe too late) sleeping humanity will awake to the reality of the inhumane and unethical practices employed against what are provided naturally for the benefit of all life forms on Planet Earth.

It is a fact that you could not have been privy to the original conspiring tactics employed against Cannabis/Marijuana in the 1930s. No one in his or her right mind can accuse you of any such atrocity. It is with knowledge of the aforementioned that I appeal to your distinguished office of Prime Minister of Canada in the hope that you will stand up and be counted among those who refrained from going with the popular norms of their time, but instead elected to do what was morally and ethically right.

Excerpt from article posted in National Cannabis Nation by AMY NORDRUM 02/19/15

“The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration lists marijuana in the most restrictive of five classes that the agency uses to regulate dangerous drugs. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, which is the ranking reserved for drugs with the greatest potential for abuse and with no medicinal value. Heroin, ecstasy and LSD are listed in that category; too, while cocaine and methamphetamine rank one level lower than marijuana, as Schedule II. Full article here: http://www.ibtimes.com/why-marijuana-schedule-i-drug-1821426

(Incidentally, the conspiracy against Marijuana/Cannabis began in the US and spread around the globe; prior to the 1970s when US President Richard Nixon placed it on the list of Schedule 1 Substances.)

In closing I am compelled to emphasize that, for over six decades, human beings have been abused, incarcerated and killed for farming, marketing and consuming that which is rightfully theirs, but was deemed illegal by laws of men. However, after all these atrocities, human beings with the same oppressive mindset placed clauses within their unjust laws to ascertain control over that which they deemed illegal. Furthermore, Mr. Prime Minister, prior farmers, marketers, and consumers of Natural Marijuana are still being ostracized by the so-called legalization process. Presently, those that are boasting vast profits from so-called medicinal marijuana are those with ties to the original conspirators, directly or indirectly. As I write this letter; and even as you read its content, those who aspire to preserve natural marijuana are being hunted, prosecuted, incarcerated and killed.

Please note at no time am I suggesting that you and or your distinguished government are not aware of everything mentioned in this humble submission.

Should this primitive medium by which I am trying to communicate with your dignified office be unconstitutional or illegal I beg your forgiveness based on the fact that I can think of no other way by which to engage your honorable attention. If any of the above be identified as being false or inaccurate, please note I bear no malice nor do I have any desire to cause injury to anyone.

I trust your decisions concerning all the above will be based on sound thinking, ethical reasoning, moral integrity, in-depth research, divine providence and the dictate of your own conscience. I implore you to make your honorable response known to the entire nation of Canada.

On behalf of all humanity and other life forms I extend to you, your family, and government Perpetual blessings in all endeavors

T. L. Brown

Concerned Citizen
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5N3A6



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