Terri Salmon Nominated For Thespie Award

According to Tyrone Reid of TALLAWAH, “The past year will go down in history as a fantastic one for Jamaican actors, who showed and proved, going above and beyond, when it came to putting on a good show for the theatre-going public, even when several of those house seats were unoccupied for consecutive nights, on account of the dismal state of the economy.”

Thespy statuetteReid, a masterful theatre critic, has compiled a list of 2013’s best in the Jamaican theatre industry for the Thespian Spirit Awards — The Thespies. Now in its fourth year, The Thespies has nominations ranging from vivacious musical hits (Jamaica Sweet and Jonkanoo Jamboree) to gripping ensemble dramas (My God Don't Wear Pajamas, and Thicker Than Water).

Terri Salmon has once again proven that her skill and contributions to Jamaica’s theatre industry is commendable and deserve the recognition and accolades.

Reid says, “The nominees — the best of the best — offer a welcome reminder that, hard times notwithstanding, Jamaican theatre is very much alive and kicking.”


terri_salmon_3_lady_macbeth-scaled500Terri Salmon – Jamaica Sweet

See complete list here

By: Karl Haughton



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