Terri Salmon crafts her characters impeccably as she brings them to life in every stage play

“My success comes from the fact that this is the work I was born to do… When I get a script I lend myself to the character but being as sincere as possible to the words.” – Terri Salmon with TALLAWAH Magazine.

Terri Salmon crafts her characters impeccably as she brings them to life in every stage play

Terri Salmon in her role as Lady Macbeth

For decades, theatre has been making positive contributions to Jamaican culture and with the increase in the number of actresses, female directors, and female playwrights the performing arts has been taking its place as a notable profession for all genders within the island. We all know legends like Louise Bennett Coverley and Leonie Forbes, but lately, Terri Salmon, has risen in the ranks as one of the best actresses from Jamaica.

The award-winning actress discovered her artistic talent under the tutelage of Joy Gordon as a dancer at the Holy Trinity High School in Jamaica. Subsequently, she competed in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s Festival of the Performing Arts competitions where she earned gold and silver medals. It was evident that her talent was being noticed by the masses as she was awarded a scholarship to the Jamaica Institute of Dance by Joyce Campbell. She never stopped there as she joined the acclaimed LTM Pantomime as a dancer; this created great exposure for her to various aspects of the performing arts under the distinguished guidance of Barbara Gloudon and the late Rex Nettleford.  As a result of this opportunity, she was even more inspired to become an actress.

It was when she performed with the Blue Mountain Theatre of London, England, and Devon Haughton in Canada that she really got the confidence to perform on the international scene.

Terri’s captivating personality and commanding voice in each role easily makes her a crowd favorite in any stage play. She has acted alongside many of Jamaica’s renowned actors in local and international stages.Terri won the prestigious Actor Boy Award for Best Supporting Actress three times inclusive of the play Dem Good Ole Days by Karl Hart in 2001 and her role in Basil Dawkins’ For Better Or Worse. Terri’s recognition has afforded her many travels across the world.

In 2015 she toured different parts of England, Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean acting in sold out shows  of the Paul O. Beale’s Bashment Granny 3.

“I feel privileged and honoured to be part of the Bashment Granny family. I am here ordained by God, at this time in my theatrical career, and I embrace this opportunity with open arms…. It is successful, and it is globally appreciated. I embrace this theatre. It is the most popular kind of theatre, and it is interactive, energetic, and crowd-pleasing. Why would I not want to do it?” …. I have found working with Shebada to be a great learning experience. He is willing to share his knowledge, and for that, I am truly grateful.” – Terri Salmon with the Jamaica Star.

Salmon crafts her characters impeccably as she brings them to life in every stage play, but behind her acting is a warm and genuine woman. Her ability to pull the audience with her intrinsic nature allows her many ventures to even the hardest of roles. She acted brilliantly in many Pantomimes and stage plays, including Basil Dawkins’ Couples, Aston Cooke’s Concubine, David Tulloch’s For My Daughter, Devon Haughton’s Mi Get Mi Landed and Big Yard. She also acted in Kiss Mi Neck, I’ve Got Your Man, Jamaica To Rahtid, Dutty Wine (UK), and Dem Good Ole Days among others..

“I’m not surprised that I’m still going strong after so long because I work hard and I’m very committed and passionate about what I do,” she professes, her voice laden with conviction. “I take my work in the theatre very seriously.”  -Terri Salmon

The veteran actress and managing director at Goddess Theatre has founded the non-profit entity Youth for Arts and Recreational Development (Y.A.R.D.) The Y.A.R.D. Empire’s mission is to empower at-risk youth between the ages of 13 and 23 years old through the performing and visual arts; youths will be able to discover their talents and pursue a meaningful career. The organization will venture into penal institutions and communities island-wide to achieve its objectives and mission to make a difference in the lives of young men and young women of Jamaica. To see how you can help with this initiative, contact the Y.A.R.D. Team at terrisalmon876@gmail.com.

“The arts in Jamaica is lacking sponsorship, so I am trying to get sponsors to be aware of what we are doing and come on board.” – Terri Salmon.

Salmon was a co-host of the Jamaican talk show, The Naked Truth, aired on the CVM television every Sunday where current issues of Jamaican life are discussed among the female hosts.

Terri Salmon will appear in the international staging of David Tulloch’s Bad Breed in Baltimore, Maryland (July 15, 2017) and in Washington, DC (July 16, 2017) alongside the talented troupe of actors Maxwell ‘Bashy’ Grant, Michael ‘Stringbean’ Nicholson, Akeem Poyser, and Daniella ‘Teeta’ Gordon. The play has been circulating through theatres in Jamaica since last year and the comedy-drama will be featured in an impeccable manner while tackling issues including father-son relationships, love triangles and marriage among other themes.

Salmon’s contribution to theatre has positively impacted the lives of many in her homeland.  Her determination to adhere to strict work ethics makes her the perfect mentor and her colleagues and professionals within the theatre industry rate her highly.

Terri Salmon crafts her characters impeccably as she brings them to life in every stage play

Terri Salmon (left) and Leonie Forbes in For My Daughter – photo tallawahmagazine.com

Terri’s philanthropic spirit and her activism for the betterment of people make her even more loved by people all over the world and her two sons, Rory and Lawrence, as a successful mother with an overflowing heart.

By Alexandra Daley

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