Teachers Strike In Puerto Rico

Teachers strike over pension reform
By : DANICA COTO – The Associated Press; cbprdigital@gmail.com

Caribbean Business reports that thousands of teachers across Puerto Rico walked off their jobs Tuesday in a noisy two-day strike over cuts to their pensions that the island’s government says are necessary to avert financial disaster but that educators say will force many of them into poverty.

teachers strikeThe teachers gathered with tambourines, cowbells and bullhorns outside public schools across the island on the first day of classes after winter break, forcing hundreds of schools to close.

Legislators of the main opposition party supported the strike and some principals and parents joined in, demanding that changes to the teachers’ retirement system in the U.S. territory be revoked. Among the protesters at one school was Rene Perez, of the Grammy-winning Puerto Rican hip-hop duo Calle 13.

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