Tanice Morrison the epitome of a Reggae Songbird

“Be true to the music and true to myself. I am Jamaican and reggae is in my bones and I am a child of the music.” – Tanice Morrison

Reggae has time and time again proven an extremely diverse genre of music to which many artistes and producers alike attach their own unique spin to create musical genius. One such songbird is Tanice Morrison-Reggae Soulchild.

Tanice Morrison the epitome of a Reggae Songbird

With her positive demeanor and creative personality, her songs exude how passionate she is about the arts. Listening to various musicians like Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Sam Cooke and Delroy Wilson, her favourites amongst many genres were Pop, R&B and Reggae.

The Reggae Soulchild has had a wide range of experience since even at a tender age, where she would accompany her mother, Keturah Duffus, at the studio;which she feels shapes her lifestyle to this day.

“As a child the industry seemed exciting and things appeared easy and you thought that maybe the industry was probably a breeze. As an adult you discover the commitment and sacrifices plus dedication you have to put into it.” – Tanice Morrison

She lists her mother as her biggest motivator regardless of the challenges faced, she was always her tower of strength encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Her father also had a musical background, so it was no surprise where her passion stemmed from, which led to her desire to pursue music.

“I grew up in a musical family. My step-father was a bass player and my mother was a former Studio One recording artist, so music has always been a part of my family. I have a brother who plays the bass guitar along with the steel pan and us as siblings grew up in St. Ann (Jamaica) so I am what you would call a ‘country girl’. I used to sing on top of the country hilltop and pretend I was singing in front of a huge crowd.” – Tanice Morrison

Her later years also exposed her to a plethora of music; it was these experiences that influenced her decision to take singing seriously. With that, she competed in various competitions to not just hone her talents, but also gain exposure and develop her character.

“The musical pathway was kind of paved for me as I was popularly called to sing at school and church events. Then I entered several competitions including Tastee Competition in 1995 and I garnered a lot of experience as a young performer.” – Tanice Morrison

She continued to meet some influential individuals while on her quest to become more recognized for her talents, including Mr. Jon Williams, whilst pursuing studies in Music Education as a teacher. At the turn of the century, in 2002, she recorded her first original song entitled ‘Old Hurt’, officially released in 2003 on the Studio One label.

Subsequent years found her retiring from her teaching job to dedicate all her time, talent and treasure to her music career. This decision, however daunting at the time, later proved a good one; as she matured vocally and lyrically. She put her very heart and soul into her music conveying very important and deep messages to her listeners and the world, e.g. issues that define women and youth.

“My greatest inspiration is LIFE and of course people. Happenings, the environment, just about anything that I feel I need to voice.” – Tanice MorrisonTanice Morrison the epitome of a Reggae Songbird

The words she writes and in turn sings comes from a desire to be a catalyst for change; ‘I’d Rather Be Me’ and ‘All in the Mind’ were singles which spoke to empowerment, upliftment and value preservation.

“I love to inspire. That is my goal. I love to uplift and make people feel a sense of joy whenever I perform. When persons approach me after a show and tell me how much they appreciate my music, I feel accomplished and happy.” – Tanice Morrison

Her talent has afforded her many opportunities where she has performed alongside music greats like Capelton, Marley Brothers, Marcia Griffiths, Ken Boothe; even opening at the ‘Kenny Rogers in Concert’.

However, she would have to say that her best was performing in New York at the ‘Rocatones Mother’s Day Ball 2015’ and opening for the Shi-Lites; this she describes as phenomenal and the reception was amazing. She stated that the Caribbean nationals in particular gave her incredible support; which was a stepping stone for gaining more recognition. She released an album entitled ‘No Limitations’ which is a “full course meal exploring the totality of Tanice Morrison” and another single called ‘Missing Pieces (Broken)’; both received the feedback she intended. She said her inspiration for ‘Missing Pieces’ came at a time where she was disconnected from herself while going through a lot emotionally.

She reveals that she has prepared herself for her musical journey; studying the business and observing the success of other artistes thus emulating their drive, energy and ethics. Recently, she has been working on new projects, with the most urgent thing being to get her new track ‘Dance the Night Away’ promoted internationally as well as the launch of a TV Show.

“We are planning and preparing so definitely with the new team -we are taking it to a different level. Tanice Morrison isn’t done…we are just growing stronger.” – Tanice Morrison

Tanice Morrison the epitome of a Reggae Songbird

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By Alexandra Daley



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