Swim With the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Dolphin Cove is Jamaica’s number one marine attraction. Here, visitors are sure to have an "Experience of a Lifetime". This magnificent property has a natural cove which is surrounded by five acres of lush tropical rain forest. In fact, Dolphin Cove Jamaica is one of the most popular of all Ocho Rios attractions, second only to the nearby Dunn's River Falls. Indeed, the Cove offers the experience of a lifetime – the chance to swim with bottlenose dolphins!

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While Ocho Rios is famous for its high-end Jamaican resorts and as a principal stopover on Caribbean cruises, Dolphin Cove offers an exhilarating experience that is a well needed break from the laid-back resort getaways. Here, various programs are offered which feature different levels of interaction with the dolphins, from touching as they swim past your feet to being dragged through the lagoon, holding on to their fins. Other activities include swimming with stingrays and min-boat rides.

Dolphin Experience Programs

There are four dolphin experience programs available. These are basically the level of interaction that’s permitted at a particular level. Of course, the level of interaction will dictate the price that you’ll be expected to pay. The levels available are:

1. The Touch Encounter: The Touch Encounter is the first level of integration. As you would imagine, it’s the least expensive and least interactive but still offers a close enough experience for those who may be shy or otherwise unwilling to interact with the dolphins. Under the touch encounter, visitors stand in knee deep water and stroke dolphins as they swim past and kiss them as they rise out of the water to meet you.

2. The Encounter Swim: The Encounter Swim is the second level of interaction. This takes place in deep water and offers visitors the chance to dance with and be dragged by a dolphin. In fact, at this level, you can do just about anything, including touching and even kissing the lovely critters! 

Other Programs

There are a few other programs available which also specify activities that you can enjoy with dolphins:

  • The "Swim With" program offers everything. Not only does it offer all levels of encounter, but exciting activities such as the dorsal pull and a foot push as well.
  • Sea Keeper program: The Sea Keeper program offers the ultimate experience at Dolphin Cove. With the Sea Keeper, you can spend the day working with the dolphin trainers. Yes, you can even assist in all aspects of dolphin care including preparation of food, feeding and training. The Sea Keeper programme also covers the training of sharks and stingrays.

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Apart from dolphins, the cove also features sharks and sting rays. In fact, a shark show is included at the entrance of the cove. You can purchase a ticket to participate in the show which essentially gives you the chance to hold and feed the sharks, under expert supervision of course. Dolphin Cove also features a stingray lagoon. Here, visitors can snorkel in a lagoon filled with large Caribbean stingrays, with their barbs removed of course.

Other attractions

There are many other attractions at Dolphin Cove besides dolphins, sharks and stingrays. You can also enjoy:

A jungle walk – here you can encounter several tropical animals such as iguanas and parrots.

Glass bottom kayaks and Mini boats – paddle a tandem kayak whilst watching the crystal clear water rush by underneath you or sail on the waters in a small, snuggly boat.

You will never get tired of these added pleasures: Little Port Royal – a beautiful beach, Firefly- the former home of playwright Noel Coward, a visit to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, and a trip to the reggae museum at Island Village.  For more information, contact an experienced travel agent.

In terms of food and drink, as well as important tips to know before you travel to Dolphin Cove, while we could cover those aspects here, it will be worth your while to contact an experienced, tested and proven travel agency for a full breakdown of what to expect. In fact, we recommend MJ Travel Agency as your preferred choice due to their longstanding experience in Jamaican travel as well as their proven track record of performance and client approval.

If you are interested in travelling to Dolphin Cove, or in fact other areas around Ocho Rios such as Dunn's River Falls or Green Grotto Caves, don’t delay, contact MJ Travel Group today!

By: Norvan Martin

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