Super Blue Wins Road March and Soca Monarch Titles

The battle between Super Blue and Machel Montano was definitely heightened this year. Super Blue has had an outstanding career and attempted to make a comeback after a 12 year hiatus. Machel, on the other hand is a newer talent who is currently a hot, established name on soca. The battle between the veteran and the young, energetic artistes proved to be a thrilling experience for soca fans.

SuperBlue’s last public appearance on stage was with his daughter Fay Ann Lyons- Alvarez in 2009. He accompanied Fay Ann, a Soca sensation and multiple title holder herself, on the Soca Monarch stage when she won with "Meet Super Blue”. That year she took home 3 major soca titles’ Power, Groovy and the Road March title. His appearance re-ignited love and support for ‘Super Blue’ among his fans that had been waiting for his return for more than a decade.

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Soca Monarch

SuperBlue is hailed as the originator of the "jump and wave" style of soca songs and also credited with having played a major role in the success of Soca Monarch in the early years. In fact, SuperBlue was the very first Soca Monarch winner. Since his last Soca Monarch win in 2000, he remained out of the winners' circle until 2011 when he received the SAO Hall of Fame Award.

Super Blue Wins Road March and Soca Monarch Titles (1)_page2_image1This year, SuperBlue entered the competition with a sizzling new single Fantastic Friday, compared to Machel’s Float. Soca Monarch saw brilliant performances by both artistes, with SuperBlue lighting up the stage with a blue aura and creating an atmosphere of jubilation. Machel remained true to the theme of his song and went all out to bring an amazing performance. In the end, both artistes were credited with the Soca Monarch title for 2013. –  Image Credit:

Road March 2013

Super Blue’s very last Road March title was won with “Pump Up” in 2000. Machel won last year’s Road March title with a song with a similar name “Pump Yuh Flag”. Since the release of SuperBlue’s ‘Fantastic Friday’, it has been ‘voted’ and played overwhelmingly by online users and radio stations. Masqueraders have chosen the single to cross the stage with 511 times. Machel placed a distant second with 56 plays on the road.

In the end, the people spoke and Super Blue became the 2013 Road March winner. This is Super Blue’s 9th Road Monarch title.

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Best comeback

SuperBlue’s return is nothing less than remarkable. Since he returned there has been a ground swell of support for him. In fact, he was also in demand as the headline performer for the entire 2013 carnival season by all fete and event promoters.

An Outstanding career

At age 56, SuperBlue stands as one of calypso’s/soca’s all-time greats. Winning multiple Road March and Soca Monarch titles, this man has demonstrated his musical genius over and over again. His wins not only add to his impressive list of accomplishments, but are testament to the fact that he is the people's performer. SuperBlue, soca warrior and son of Trinidad and Tobago remains a force to be reckoned with.

By Norvan Martin



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