Students gain valuable summer work experience at CUC

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd., the lone electricity provider in Grand Cayman, has accepted 18 students to its annual 2012 Summer Internship Programme. The students have been placed in various departments ranging from Office Administration to Power Plant Operations, and are undergoing six (6) weeks of hands-on training. 

Student Kylie Thompson, 17, who has been assigned to the Training, Safety and Environment Department, said, “I chose to work at CUC because I’m interested in environmental science. I’ve been around the power plant numerous times and those visits have added to my continuous understanding of how the Company operates as a whole. I really enjoy working here and I’m looking forward to what the rest of 
my time will offer.” 

Student Nathaniel Thompson, 17, has been cross training between the human resources and transmission and distribution planning departments. “This summer programme has been beneficial in many ways,” he said. “It has given me a clearer view of the working world and what it is about. It is also giving me more ideas and a better understanding of my career path and the steps I have to follow in order to get there.” 

Since its launch in 2000, CUC has facilitated more than 250 students through the Summer Internship Programme. “We recognise that by supporting and giving these students on-the-job training while they are still in school, we can help foster a brighter future for them as they venture out into the work field,” said Tania Ebanks, human resources manager. She added, “We have a bright group of students and we hope that we can inspire one or two of them to come back to the CUC family as part of our future work force.” 

CUC’s Summer Internship Programme is aimed at providing students with tangible training opportunities, which will help to shape them for following their desired 
career paths. 



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