Story Time: Angel


Story Time: Angel

Angel lost her father at the age of thirteen
Mommy’s new boyfriend, burst on the scene
Mommy’s always busy, trying to keep it all together
Not spearing much love or time for her daughter
Mell was always eager, more than happy to stand in the gap
He loved having Angel sit on his lap

Lost and confused with no love for self
Angel found comfort in the arms of someone else
Billy told her that she was beautiful
Said he loved her smile, one day she would be his bride
Giving her a sense of pride
So she allowed Billy to take her for a ride
Took him home, told him that it was ok to come inside
Six months later she had a secret that she could no longer hide

Mommy became undone when she caught the rake
Angel was sorry, said it was a big mistake
Mommy took Angel by the hand,
Told her to pack your bags, she had to go
Call that boy, the one that filled your head with lies
He’s gonna have to stand up and be a man
Angel, this was not a part of my plan

All you could hear above the noise
The weeping and wailing from Angel as she cries
Mommy insisted, she had to know the truth
Which mamma’s boy stole her baby’s youth?
Speak now or forever hold your peace
If you don’t open your mouth, you’ll be sleeping in the street
Angel cried out, Mommy, I’m sorry! He made me do it, told me not to tell
He said if I opened my mouth we would all be killed
Mommy raised your hand, and then Angel cried out
Mommy, mommy, it was your boyfriend Mell.

Author, Sharon Corinthian


Sometimes we’re sleeping with the enemy and we don’t even know. Best be careful who you let walk through your door.

©Copyright 2016. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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