Stephanie Bendall Trumped Depression, now Nominated for Woman on Fire Award

Stephanie Bendall has been nominated for the Community Activist of the Year Award in Toronto, Canada. Stephanie Bendall is a 21 year old woman from Oshawa, Canada.

Stephanie BendallDepression and self-harming were some of the challenges that Stephanie encountered during her years in school. With the support of her family and friends she overcame those challenges and is now a stronger person who wants to help others with similar challenges.

The Networking Diva Group based in Toronto, Canada will present its 3rd annual evening of recognition of business women across North America — Woman on Fire — in Toronto, Canada on April 10, 2015. There will also be an inaugural event in Montreal, Vancouver, and Miami.

The Woman on Fire is a dazzling evening of acknowledgement and appreciation of dynamic women in business; featuring amazing speakers, proud award recipients, successful business professionals, great entertainment and a delectable dinner.

Stephanie wants to help youths gain the courage to express themselves in positive ways and to teach them that with a, “Positive attitude they can accomplish anything in life.”

“Several years ago, my heart spoke to me about giving back to my community so I threw myself into as much charity work as I could because I thought that giving back is very important,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie has worked with many charities and participated in various events to help to create awareness and give support to individuals who suffer from depression and other mental issues.

“Giving back not only help the charities that I worked with but it gave me a sense of pleasure.

I have participated in walks as well as volunteered, I have also offered my assistance to numerous charity events in my community and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA),” said Stephanie.

Some of the charities she has been involved with are;  the Canadian Women’s Foundation for abused women and Children, The Denise House abused women and children, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canadian Cancer Foundation, MS Foundation, Aids Foundation, Epilepsy Foundation, Princess Margret Foundation, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

She is passionate about the causes of abused women and children. She would like to help in creating more awareness and hopefully end the violence that exists in these situations..

Stephanie’s challenges have allowed her to gain an acute feel of the difficulties that depression can cause youths and she wants to help in any way possible.

“More information needs to be given as prevention and help to overcome this problem,” she comments.

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