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Award-winning filmmakers Keith Musaman Morton and Charysse Tia Harper will premiere their documentary, Panomundo, in London in autumn. The feature-length film about the history of the steelpan and its global influence will be shown during the Bringing Sunshine to London series as part of Black History Month celebrations in October.

Bringing Sunshine to October is an array of films by Keith Musaman Morton and Charysse Tia Harper that will be shown at various locations during Black History Month in the UK. The screening will also include 12 Months, The Other Side of Carnival, and other films. Visit to learn more.

“The steelpan is a musical instrument that people do not give the same appreciation to as the violin or piano,” says British-born co-director Morton. “This film is a way for us to show the world that this instrument is more than just a noise-making machine,” he continued.

Over the past three years, the duo has travelled to seven countries – Trinidad & Tobago, United States, England, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Nigeria – interviewing over 150 people, conducting research and hosting discussions about the topic. As independent filmmakers, Morton and Harper utilized crowd-funding sites, such as Seed & Spark and Indiegogo, as well as hosted over 20 fundraisers to secure funds to produce the film.

The steelpan was made in the late 1930s in Trinidad & Tobago, as an attempt by the locals to rebel against the British colonial government who restricted them from beating drums at the annual Carnival. During the Festival of Britain in 1951, the first steelband – Trinidad All-Star Percussion Orchestra or TASPO – was invited to England to perform. Since that monumental venture outside the Caribbean, the instrument has made its way to all the continents, instilling discipline, cultural revival and creating a unique sound of music by playing classical, calypso, hip-hop, jazz and other genres. President Obama and, most recently Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, can be seen with a steelpan.

“The screening of this film is a way to thank the pan men and pan women for all they have done to get the steelpan the notoriety it deserves,” explains American co-director Harper. “Without the forefathers, there would be no film,” Harper said.

Panomundo is co-produced by Komonopromo and Xplore the World. Details of the World Premiere in London will be announced shortly. Learn more at

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