Stede ‘Jooky Jam’ Flash Stars in Barbershop Bangarang

Stede Flash and vegetablesStede Flash, or ‘Jooky Jam’ to his army of fans, was born in Kingston, Jamaica and is a past student of XLCR where he discovered his love for theatre. He gained the name ‘Jooky Jam’ after his memorable performance of the character of the same name in the smash hit comedy “Maama Man” 1 & 2. Jooky has been in theatre for over 20 years and has achieved iconic stature.

Over the years he has appeared in such hit comedies as Bupsie, Night Nurse, Browning, Man Tief, Hustler, Dr Ram Puss, Passa Passa, Bashment Granny 1, Ova mi dead body, Like Father Like Son. His movie credits include Bashment Granny and Pimento Walk.

Considered by theatre-goers to be a master of ad lib, Jooky shares his craft with energy, creativity and wit and has tremendous stage presence. His impressive skills set will be on full display as he plays Lova, an industrious, well-connected, street-smart handyman in TheatreWorld’s hit comedy drama “Barbershop Bangarang”.

Barbershop Bangarang will be held at the High Point High school in Beltsville, Maryland on Sunday, July 20, 2014, visit ELW Entertainment for more details.

The play is set in a barbershop — a meeting place for gossip and opinions on various issues such as politics, sports, the trending news of the day, and intimate details of the lives of others. It focuses on the happenings in the lives of the property owner and her tenants and an ambitious handyman.



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