How to Start Integrating Eco-friendly Lifestyle…

All this talk of the environment, does the environment really need all this focus? Some say it’s merely a fad, others suggest it’s some main players promoting an agenda. But, before we can even get to that, what is this environment that we are referring to? The environment is a very broad subject which can be broken down into many sectors. Most items are air, land, water or life-related. Often when we are talking about this need to protect or save the environment, we use terms such as environmentally friendly or ecosystem friendly, which is usually shortened to eco-friendly. We also hear a lot about ‘go green’, and it’s simply because our green leaf trees are vital to environmental health.

Our trees, with their leaves containing chlorophyll, help keep that needed balance of oxygen in our environment. One big thing, where the environment is concerned, is the idea of ongoing damage to the ozone layer leading to more air pollution and the heating of our planet. Some have suggested it is this that is leading to more heat trapped on the sea’s surface and thus more intense hurricanes.

We have seen the devastation intense hurricanes can do in the form of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Yet, that’s not all, more and more industrialization and development brings with it fewer trees and over time increased changes in our landscape and more intense flash flooding.  With all of this, still, some continue to consider going green a fashionable fad.

Any wonder why then “it’s not easy being green” became the popular Sesame Street phrase.  Surely, if our planet could speak, these might be its first words; “it’s not easy being green.”  Since our environment can only speak through climate changes and daily and seasonal weather patterns that apparently are easy to ignore, our environment needs those who can advocate on its behalf.  One such advocate, Managing Director and lead environmental consultant at SIEL Environmental Limited, noted recently “greening your home or your business should be as important to you as making money because we only have this planet to live on and take care of. It also saves you money over time as well.”

How to Start Integrating Eco-friendly Lifestyle…For those of us who continue to put up a resistance, how do we start integrating eco-friendly lifestyle practices and stop wondering why? What would it take to make the switch or to implement at least one green initiative, such as a recycling programme into our home and/or our business?

What if we were to present the facts through some Environmental Education Campaigns, then we could have our own internal debate as to whether the environment really needs all this focus?  But, while that debate continues, it would be foolhardy to wait before the results of the debate are decided to get deeper into action to protect the environment.  Therefore, for those who have already had the debate and are convinced our environment needs some dire attention, we have a partner in SIEL Environmental Limited as they have taken a proactive stance. Proactive in that they do not only educate adults, they also go into the schools to provoke the debate as early as possible.

How to Start Integrating Eco-friendly Lifestyle…Even if education presents the facts, deciding to change is hard.  Again, there might need to be some other proactive measure that is taking heed to the silently threatening developing weather patterns, even if we continue to believe it is not yet a dire situation.  Once again, we find SIEL Environmental Limited leading the way to start integrating eco-friendly lifestyles with their provision of Vegware.  Vegwares are environmentally-friendly food containers presented as an alternative to Styrofoam and are made of bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane, and is 100% compostable.  These food containers break down naturally, without creating toxic emissions.

As we began, we noted that not all of us are convinced. Some of us are adamant that the environment is in great shape and healthy as can be. Others are beginning to wonder and might want to begin some small action, not inclusive of getting some eco-friendly food containers. Sure enough, SIEL Environmental Limited is there again to give the simple working from home option via easily accessible videos on starting recycling from right at home.

How to Start Integrating Eco-friendly Lifestyle…No matter where we now position ourselves in this environmental debate, one thing is sure; we have the right to choose and the right to choose again. This is how SIEL Environmental Limited is working to serve us all as they provide services and products for anyone of us depending on where we are now in our relationship with the environment.

How to start integrating eco-friendly lifestyles?  Simply, by first deciding on whether we agree there is a “why” as a good reason; second, by being open to finding and exploring the facts; third, by slowly making changes in our behaviour; and fourth, by becoming advocates of environmental consciousness. Where can we turn to start integrating eco-friendly lifestyles?  Why, SIEL Environmental Limited, of course.

By Kerriann Toby

Kerriann Toby holds a Master of Counselling and Bachelor of Psychology. She is a dynamic therapist, trained mediator; and educator since 2000. In addition to being a trained educator, mediator, and therapist, she is a certified Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Professional. Kerriann has also trained in cyber counseling and holds clinical registration with Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) & Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

In mid-October 2015 she initiated operations of KarryOn geared toward the provision of a variety of enhancement and developmental services for the individual, groups and the organization; e-Coaching/Counseling, Mediation, EAP Services and the creative presentation of psycho-social information. She can be reached at



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