St. Lucians voice their opinions for the legalization of cannabis

St. Lucians voice their opinions in the Cannabis Movement for legalization

Ganja- photo credit: isiah

There is a growing movement in the Caribbean for the legalization of cannabis–marijuana.  Recently in St. Lucia, protestors including members of the Rastafarian community increased calls for it decriminalization.

These activists want the government to change the existing laws which would lead to its full legalization. The proponents for it legalization express the many uses of cannabis for religious ceremonies and its important health properties.

In a recent article, St. Lucia’s Social transformation minister Harold Dalsan said that he was not encouraging others to smoke it; however, he thinks that its use should be a personal choice that one makes.

The 15-country CARICOM block established the Cannabis Commission in 2014 but since then, no real progress has been made relative to passing new laws.

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