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Trisha MitchellIt was nippy and early on that Saturday morning on April 6th2013, in the heart of downtown but they were there, ready and fully prepared to participate in a workshop dedicated to developing leadership skills for personal and professional development. They are part of a segment of black youth in Toronto that the media often neglects, positive and progressive,they are here, pen and paper in hand, ready to absorb the information and resources about to be disseminated.

The session was opened with a welcome by Jana Colville, Volunteer and membership director of Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative (SYTCI), the hosting organization. For the next four hours that went by so quickly it felt more like one, they listened, engaged and absorbed the information shared by facilitator James Klassen, P.GSC, CHSC, CHSO.  The topic was the ‘5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity’ – A Leadership technique pioneered by Dr. Frankly Covey. James, an experienced facilitator who has worked with several organizations throughout Canada for over 30 years, providing training and strategic guidance, led the group through several exercises using video and printed material. Punctuated by a working lunch, prepared by young chef JhaenMascoll, and fueled by coffee supplied by Fred’s Catering, the participants discussed how to: Act on the important, Go for Extraordinary, Schedule the big rocks, Rule their technology and finally strategies to Fuel your fire so that you don’t burn out. 

Participants comments after the seminar underscored its success and impact, comments included; “very relevant to both professional and personal goals”, “very relative and useful information for life success”, “we need more sessions like these” and “very informative, I think it (the session) could be longer.”

The session was coordinated by Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative (SYTCI), a youth organization based in the Grenadian community in Toronto. Founded in 2010, SYTCI is dedicated to the professional, social and educational advancement of young people of Grenadian and Caribbean heritage in Toronto. The organization has to date hosted several workshops such as this on topics such as personal branding, money management, sex education; collaborated with other community organizations to host highly successful large scale literary and sporting events while supporting charitable events like the Scotiabank AIDS walk for life and the Grenada Youth Centre. For more information on this organization visit their website at www.spiceyouthtoronto.com. If you would like to support their efforts, please email spiceyouthtoronto.com.

About the Author:

Trisha Mitchell is a spice-isle girl living and working in metropolitan Toronto.  A passionate community activist, fundraiser, networker and writer, Trisha believes that when you find something of value it is your moral obligation to share it with others. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of SYTCI. Check her out here:www.mzspiceproductions.com

By: Trisha Mitchell



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