Sylvia Dohnert, Executive Director of the Compete Caribbean Program to Speak at the 15th Annual Caribbean Business Roundtable

Harvesting Opportunities in the 
Agri-Business Value Chain

….Food, Farma, Fish, Fuel 
15th Annual Caribbean Business Roundtable

November 21-22, 2013
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 

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INVEST CARIBBEAN 2013: 15th Annual Caribbean American Business Leaders Dialogue

AgendaThe Dialogue aims to explore the emerging trade and investment opportunities in the Caribbean's over $1.2 Billion agribusiness sector. ICS brings together program managers, policy makers, and private sector stakeholders to engage in a candid exchange focused on sustainable and profitable partnerships. The forum also provides a trusted mechanism where businesses can access information and resources from potential partners for their initiatives.

Meet one of the Speakers

Executive Director of the Compete Caribbean Program, and Private Sector Lead Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank

Sylvia Dohnert

Sylvia Dohnert, Ph. D.

Sylvia Dohnert joined the IDB in 2012, as Executive Director of the Compete Caribbean Program and Private Sector Development Lead Specialist in the IDB's Division of Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation. She has nearly 20 years of experience in examining regional, national and sub-national economic development and productive development policies from different angles, with specific interests in industrial policy, cluster development, regional value chains, and the roles of the public and the private sector in promoting development and growth.

She brings with her a well-rounded experience in these topics, which ranges from academic research during the years spent at MIT, to independent consultancies performed for the IDB to develop government and private sector technical assistance projects, to practical work within the private and public sectors.

Prior to joining the IDB in late 2012, in 2009 Sylvia led the creation of the Economic Development Division at the Municipal Government of Sucre, Venezuela's third largest municipality. During her four years directing this Division, she partnered with the private sector to spearhead massive employment intermediation programs, support industrial park recovery programs, deliver entrepreneurship training to thousands of informal sector businesses and engage local supply chains into more than 40 municipal markets.

Some of these very successful programs have received national recognition and are being replicated by other local and regional governments in Venezuela. Most importantly, Sylvia managed to institutionalize the Division, which received an increasing budget and additional responsibilities during her tenure there, and has continued its excellent work with the same team to this date.

As an independent consultant for the IDB over a period of eight years, Sylvia worked in private sector development and competitiveness enhancing projects in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Guyana. At a point in her career, Sylvia also assisted Venezuela's national investment promotion agency CONAPRI coordinating the national competitiveness council Pro-Competencia, which had two thematic and two sectoral working groups.

Sylvia has a Ph.D. in International Development and Regional Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a Masters in Public Policy from Tufts University, and is originally a Systems Engineer.

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