Slave Labor Victims Of Curaçao Dry Dock Allowed to Enforce $67million USA Claim

Slave Labor Victims Of Curaçao Dry Dock Get Nod Enforce $67million USA Claim

WILLEMSTAD – The quest by three modern-day slaves for US$80 million in restitution has come to the Singapore port of call. Three Cuban slave-labor victims were given the High Court’s go-ahead to enforce a US$50 million claim won in a United States court against any assets that the Curaçao dry dock has in Singapore.

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The High Court rejected the bid by Curaçao Drydock Company to set aside the US judgment, making clear the claims were enforceable in Singapore as they were meant to compensate the victims, not punish the company.

“There is no purpose in setting aside a judgment if there is not going to be something to be gained by having a trial,” said Justice Lee Seiu Kin in judgment grounds released yesterday.

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