Sista, Sista to you from Sharon Corinthian

Sista, Sista

Photo courtesy of Tina Coleman -

Photo courtesy of Tina Coleman –

Sista, sista, I’m reaching out to you
Let’s come together-
For there’s still so much work to do.
Like the Sistas before us,
We should all have a story to tell;
So let’s get together
shattering the myth of that negative spell.

Sista, sista, I’m calling out to you
Our foremothers are expecting us to walk in their shoes-
Hands across America,
sisters not of the same blood…
But a sacred bond of sisterhood
all because of love.

Sista, sista have we been so desensitized,
That we’ve become seduced by their  rhetoric and lies.
Open your eyes, take a look around,
Can’t you see?
Our children are dropping like flies.

Sista, sista can you hear me still?
Meet me on the road less traveled;
For we have some big shoes to fill.
There are still some knots in the rope that  needs to be unraveled.

Mothers of Zion, can you hear my cry?
How many more of our children will we leave to suffer and die!
While we set idly by…
Harriet risk her life to free the slaves;
It’s time for us to stand tall and be brave.

When some thought it was impossible,
Rosa believed she could.
So she held your ground-
And took a stand for the common good.

Out of history shame and twisted lies,
Self hatred to cause our demise,
Beaten, broken, and cut down to size-
Yet through it all we survived.
Like a Phoenix,
Maya Angelou taught us that we could rise.

Then along came Oprah, a black woman full of pride
Exposing all the secrets
We so desperately tried to hide
And despite all the odds
She used her voice
And made her dreams come true
Proving that if she did it
As long as we believe,
we can do it too.

First Lady Michele Obama
stood by her man
Telling the world, “Yes We Can!”
And things came together
Just the way they plan
Down came the reign of the Klu Klux Klan.

Babylon refuses to go down without a fight
But what was once hidden in the dark
Has now come to the light
The view, for all to see
Displayed in plain sight.

Hillary Rodham Clinton said, “It takes a village.”
A reminder that no man is an island
So It’s time we come together
and take a stand
Time to defend the lives of our young women, our young men.

Black lives matter
So much in fact
America was built from the whips on our back
But it’s time for the brutality to stop
It’s time to follow Dr. King’s lead
And get ourselves in check
Cause sisters, it is still matter of life and death.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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