Simone Walsh’s Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart- motivating and heart warming

Author helps to end stigma of Mental Illness.

Simone leadSimone Walsh was born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada at a young age. She started writing at age 14.  Her acute affinity to reading various books drew her closer to becoming a writer. She wrote a lot of short stories and poems which gave her the confidence to share a part of her life in her book, Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart.

Bullying isn’t something that only happens to children. As an adult, Walsh was a victim of bullying and harassment. It ultimately put her into a deep depression and her message to others is that they too, can escape.

The key message of Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart is that you can overcome your storms. Obstacles that were meant to set you back or ruin you are often blessings in disguise.

She says, “I want my readers to grasp on to the fact that “hey, if she can go through such a stigmatized setback only to resurface again then surely what I’m going through shall surely not get the best of me” I want them to fight and ultimately lean on God who is the true source of our strength.”

A mental illness diagnosis can be a life changing event, allowing an individual to heal and grow. Walsh talks about the benefits and how to recognize God-given opportunities, even in the smallest of situations. Through her own experiences, Walsh is helping to dispel the stigma that many associate with a mental illness.

Simone, now an author and a successful entrepreneur will present her new book, Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart on Saturday, March 12, 2016 to an audience at the York Ballroom of the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel, located at 5875 Airport Rd. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. RSVP by contacting

Simone Walsh 1“This launch serves as my testimony,” said Walsh. “I used to be happy when people thought I had it all together. Now I can’t wait to let them know how much of a mess I was, but show them what the power of God can do!”

Walsh is one of the lucky individuals who found her way back into the light, finding happiness and fulfillment. Through her poetry, readers will journey with Walsh through her own experiences and understand the importance of seeking help with a mental illness. She speaks to readers on the healing power of keeping a journal and how to re-enforce the power of positive thinking on a daily basis.

As an author and fashion designer, Simone finds time to be actively involved in various community issues. She created Mo’knotic line 2002 to help women reinvent themselves.

In 2009 Simone was highly recognized by the city of Brampton for the inspiring work done by Essence of Mind Outreach Program, which she founded. This initiative provides tools and resources for individuals and families suffering from mental illness. “They recognized us for the work we are doing in the community to help end the stigma of Mental health,” she commented.

Walsh is the recipient of the Woman of Courage award from the International Women Achievers’ Awards (IWAA) and her fashion designs have been featured in print and broadcast media. She’s currently working on her first screenplay.

Through all her travails, Simone says, “I’m at a place where I have control over certain things that tried to control me. I’m content and at peace knowing that I had to go through that storm in order to get here.”‎

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By Karl A. Haughton

Did you Know:

The statistics are alarming: one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds around the world (World Health Organization report), yet the topic of mental health is still often seen by many as something that people can “just get over.” But, with the help of such events as Bell’s Let’s Talk Day which raised a record breaking $6.2 million this year with its initiative or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‎talking about the struggles, resiliency and strength of his mother,  Margaret Trudeau who is now an advocate for mental health awareness. All of these initiatives push the conversation forward and help lift the cloak of secrecy from an issue that affects millions of Canadians.


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