Simone Da Costa: Connecting words and people to capture amazing stories

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Simone is glad to have you visit her website. Simone invites you to come in, take off your shoes and sit comfortably while you get better acquainted. She offers you access to all of her published works. Read Simone’s innovative words of encouragement.

Her passion for writing comes from her love of God, freedom of expression, and the simple enjoyment of words—written not merely to inspire but to uplift brethren as well. Her work can be seen as reflections of who she is; mirrored images that speak and flow creatively through her work.

As a passionate lover of writing, Simone enthusiastically enjoys the wonderful feeling it brings. When she is writing, she feels like a visual artist—a painter with a fine paintbrush—who meticulously maps out expressions and forms that manifest the inner thoughts with deliberate portrayals.

Writing for Simone, in a sense, is the same practice. It brings out a thought, a feeling, or an image by using similes and metaphors to connect words and people—in the end, to tell a story that will evoke a powerful emotional response.  Read more about this dynamic woman

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