Simone Da Costa’s Emily-Rose’s Day At The Farm

…A cheerful and engaging story for children…

Can you imagine going to your grandmother's farm and doing nothing?  Emily-Rose’s grammie’s farm is filled with all sorts of animals which are always fed by grammie. Emily-Rose would love to feed them when she goes to the Farm with her family; but will her grammie allow her?


Author, Simone Da Costa will answer these questions for you in her amazing book Emily-Rose's Day At The Farm. Simone loves to write because she enjoys the compelling feeling that writing brings. “I can free myself in a limitless world of playful words. Writing for me is also inspiring, challenging, enjoyable, and empowering,” she says.

Simone has published three books to date; however, this is her second children’s book. She recently published A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z. She gleefully tells The Caribbean Current, “I had absolutely no intentions of becoming an author, initially, writing was a hobby for me that later lead to writing articles for magazines which lead to publishing books and becoming an author.”

The significance of the title goes back to thoughts about her late grandmother Emily, but after she read the story to family members they suggested that she added her mother’s name (Rose) and hyphenate it with Emily which had a lovely ring to it.

Simone declared, “I loved the idea very much, so I decided to change the title from Emily’s Day At The Farm — to Emily-Rose’s Day At The Farm, I would like to believe it was meant to be.”

What is the message of the book?

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Da Costa hopes to instill in children that they should obey and respect their parents, grandparents, and anyone in authority because they know best.

Emily-Rose’s Day At The Farm is also a tribute to her grammie (Mamie) and her dear mother, Rose. Simone believes that a fair amount of balance should be given to a story’s characters and plot because each aspect is important to the complete book. “I like writing children’s books where I can educate them about something, in hopes that they will learn from it,” she commented. 

Simone is surrounded by young children and this fed her interest to write for this genre. She has many nieces and nephews and when they were babies she enjoyed reading to them and portrayed characters as she read.  She asserted, “I also have a special bond with children, I relate to them very well—always have.”

Simone is member of many writing groups for authors and is constantly inspired by daily life. “I am always working on something and, I have a lot of books that I have written that I am bursting to publish and share with everyone,” she stated.

Will Emily-Rose ever get to feed the animals? Da Costa is quite adept at building one's curiosity about this. Da Costa's Emily-Rose's Day At The Farm is a delightful and engaging story that teaches children that the world comprises different people who require different ways of interaction.

Simone will launch Emily-Rose's Day At The Farm on March 8, 2014 at Chapters Bookstore (Square One) in Mississauga, Ontario. Contact Simone at (905) 281-8342 for more details.

By: Karl A. Haughton
The Caribbean Current



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