Show Me Your Company TV Show Puts Your Business in the Public Eye

quotes red 2SHOW ME YOUR COMPANY TV SHOW PUTS YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE: Online Show Strikes a Balance in Media Production," Karlene Thomas, CEO SMYC.

Show Me Your Company (SMYC) ( is the brainchild of Karlene A. Thomas and Devon O. Morris. The company was launched February 2014 with its mission being to highlight the work and achievement of individuals and enterprises whilst providing a different type of entertainment package and also giving a voice to the masses.

Karlene Thomas 2

Karlene Thomas

The idea for the company was taken from the old adage “Show Me Your Company and I tell you who you are” and has been adapted to provide audiences with a uniquely entertaining program while offering well need informational marketing and advertising strategies.

If you are a high achieving student, Craft Vendor, Fruit Man, Sportsman or woman, Beautician, you run a cook shop, or supermarket, SMYC is here for you. They believe the unique mix of Business, Entertainment and a Public Opinion forum is a formula for success and the feedback they have received so far is a testament to this. The Show’s inaugural episode was launched on Facebook March 6, 2014 and featured a local world class Make-up Artist from St. James. It garnered over 6000 views and is still growing.

They continue to feature other reputable institutions such as the St. Ann’s Bay Primary School and individuals like up and coming recording artistes who require a much needed boost to promote their businesses.The show is 30 to 45 minutes per episode and they aim to release a new episode every month on their Facebook page which links directly to their YouTube channel.

For bookings, please email Show Me Your Company is powered by DOM Media Productions, a registered company.



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