Shirley Willis will be in Concert in Laurel, Maryland

Shirley Willis

Shirley Willis

Shirley Willis of Grace Thrillers fame will be in concert in Laurel, Maryland on November 22, 2015. This much anticipated concert will be held at the Laurel High school, 8000 Cherry Lane at 6:30 pm.

Shirley has been spreading the Gospel of Christ through music for more than 35 years. Her ministry has been worldwide and her outstanding contribution to one of the Caribbean’s most popular and revered gospel groups—the Grace Thrillers—has demonstrated her faith in the minds of many.

Shirley’s extensive travels to the USA, Canada, Europe, and Caribbean islands have been uplifting and her positive impacts upon the lives of others have been inspirational. Her uniquely amazing voice can be heard in The Grace Thrillers’ recording of songs, such as By the Grace of God I am Saved, Can’t Even Walk, Oh What a Sunrise and Not My Will.

Her popular song Trust Him More is demonstrative of her faith and her miraculous recovery from a motor vehicle accident in 2008. In a recent interview with the Star before a performance at Roy Wilkins Park she said, “It is a blessing to be alive and be able perform for the Lord Jesus Christ after that terrible car accident that had put me in a coma for almost three months. I am so excited and looking forward to performing songs of praise and worship with past members of the original Grace Thrillers Gospel group at the Roy Wilkins Park in Queens.”

Shirley Willis - It Matters NotHer love for the Lord and ministering through music has motivated her to continue singing. Her first solo album entitled Trust Him More was released in 2014.

Shelly Ann Watson

ShellyAnn Watson

ShellyAnn Watson, Beverly Rose, Garfield Campbell, Michael Reid, and Maxine Duncan will also perform at this concert which promises to be one of the best gospel concerts in the Washington Metropolitan area for 2015.

Shirley Willis - gospel concert



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