Shelley Jarrett aiming to help women achieve self confidence and self-esteem

Shelley Jarrett is the CEO and founder of Sj Image Creations and its workshop series, the Confident U workshop. She is an entrepreneur, financial life coach, workshop facilitator, specialized employment image consultant, part-time actress, and a mother. She is also a leader in her community, heading a number of events and business ventures.

Jarrett has a background in business, and has been active in the business community and in financial service for the past 17 years. She has earned a bachelor of arts in Human Services from Eastern University in New Mexico, USA, and a diploma in Social Service from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. She also has an extensive background in social work, and has recently received a certificate of completion for a women’s entrepreneurial course, in addition to her already impressive list of sales awards won. She is also an independent financial advisor and business strategist.

Currently, Jarrett is working on her Sj Image Creations business, which aims to help women achieve confidence and self-esteem through their image. Jarrett is of the belief that being able to reinvent yourself on a constant basis is a way to stay current in today’s changing environment, and that the image is a personal representation of who you are. Through Sj Image Creations, she aims to help women put their best self before the world and help them to achieve their goals and feel confident in themselves. She strives to do this through education, support, and image transformation.

Jarrett volunteers her valuable time with Associated Youth Services of Peel, which is a court mandated program serving youth aged 12-17 years. She is currently involved in a local not-for-profit organisation as the executive administrative officer.

In addition to her entrepreneurial and human services background, she is a part-time actress, starring in films as well as onstage.  She recently starred in upcoming film “The Chameleon”, and has appeared on Fraud Squad TV and has performed in church productions, letting her true message of self-image and confidence show through her own actions.

As Jarrett continues to help women build their self -esteem, her list of accomplishments grows. She shows no signs of stopping as she continues to develop the values dearest to her heart and forges ahead making her community and the world a better place.  K M Cooper (TCC)



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