Shebada is not on the border line he is in Toronto, Canada


Known for his witty and sometimes biting comments in Jamaican plays, actor Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsey has really grown on his fans. Shebada announced his presence to the comedy and drama world on ‘Comedy Buss’. The actor/comedian has not looked back since. In fact, his career has been going from strength to strength while starring in plays such as Bashment Granny, Di Driver, Serious Business, and now The Politicians

KEITH “Shabada” RAMSAY plays the recurring role of Shebada where he once again displays his delightful sense of comedic timing and delivery coupled with his razor sharp wit. Ramsay entered the theatre world in 2006 in the hit play “Bashment Granny” where he wowed audiences across Jamaica.

Ramsay’s excellence in Jamaican theatre has earned him the love of theatre goers in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North America, and England. Today he continues his rise to stardom in Stages’ current production “The Politicians”.  In this production, Ramsay takes on a new element as he plays the role of a straight-laced college drop-out and son of a pastor who is eventually drawn in to politics where he really gets political.

Here are his top 10 'Shebada quotes / comments'

  1. Me deh pon de borderline
  2. Me no fraid a no dog – you coulda Bounty, Kartel, Movado, or Bling Dawg
  3. Dash it pon me without warning
  4. Me Google yuh name and it say still searching
  5. You luddy
  6. Me no fraid a no gal, no bwoy, no day, no one
  7. But a wha do this unfinished dolly
  8. Me go buy piece a yam and the lady say it haffi tax, me just say peel off the tax and give me the rest
  9. Afta me no know you, me and yu used to play PE?
  10. When you a come from Dovecot, just stop over deh and book a plot

You can compile your own list of his quotes from The Politicians



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