Shea Sees The World Up Closer

Shea Sees The World Up Closer

Yasheika Powell

An Adventurer, in all sense of the word, Shea has a mission to unlock boundaries and explore the world as much as possible while creating worthwhile memories. Shea’s vision, while achieving adventurer status, aims to “bring the world up closer to her readers” through her posts from visits to very interesting parts of the globe. Simply put, she wants to explore, learn and inspire, and she has done just that over her many years as a traveler.

Her brand The World Up Closer was created to do just that, and she helps others enjoy travelling and share with readers her explorations through this platform.

Her breath-taking photos on her social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and blog have made her a travelling goddess over the years – a definite crowd favourite.

“For me, it’s not just taking a photo, I focus more on capturing the scenery to literally bring The World Up Closer to the online community.” –Yasheika Powell

From the hills of Clarendon, Jamaica, Yasheika “Shea” Powell, has always had an interest in the Tourism Industry. This passion for traveling and tourism manifested after her graduation from Clarendon College; she went on to pursue a degree in Tourism Management overseas.

“I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. When I did my first set of travels, I received so many questions so I thought why not?! Why not travel and share the knowledge and experiences.” –Yasheika Powell

Truth is, Shea wanted to encounter different experiences as she is quite fascinated with diversity in culture, languages and, of course, food. What started out as an impromptu trip, evolved into the foundation on which she started her travel lifestyle; ever since she boarded the plane, she has never been the same again.

Shea Sees The World Up Closer

Her First Trip

Five years ago, at the bright eyed and bushy tailed age of twenty-two, Shea took a very spontaneous trip far from her homeland, to a part of South America. It was her last semester at University and her sister had suggested that she travel prior to her graduation. With a bit of apprehension, of course not being versed in the language and only knowing of her sister’s college friend, she nonetheless booked her ticket and commenced her sojourn.

“Within a few days, I flew into Quito, Ecuador — Spanish-less and Friendless! I did an internship and travelled [throughout] the country for 3 months. It is still one of my best travel moments yet. Ecuador was the start of The World Up Closer.” – Yasheika Powell

Her Travel Favorites

If Shea had to choose the most memorable place she has been, she narrowed it down to two countries which to this day still holds a place in her heart – Iceland and Cuba. However, her favourite countries (in no particular order) are Mexico, Cuba, Iceland, Brazil and Colombia. Her most expensive trip was to Iceland and although she tries to avoid ‘tourist traps’, she sometimes finds that it is an unavoidable expense that is totally worth it. On the other hand, Bolivia has been the cheapest adventure she has been on.

She has backpacked through South America and also through Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Chile, to name a few.

In 2017, her highlights made her year one to remember. One event which resonated with her was the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival in Kingston, Jamaica as well as being able to explore the ineffable parts of the island.

In the future, she would love to reconnoitre the motherland –Africa– and immerse herself in untold experiences of Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya. On her list of other places, she would love to visit include Saint Lucia, Japan, The Galapagos, India and the Easter Island.

Any great adventurer has five things they can never travel without. This explorer holds fast to her camera, a good translator app, her charger pack, her headphones and a good book which are some of her crucial must-haves when she is beginning another voyage.

Why Travel Blogging?

“Traveling and blogging are as easy as it sounds. Start travelling. Start blogging.” –Yasheika Powell

Travelling is her full-time job; more so, blogging and travel blogging is ultimately her full-time business. Through this, she is afforded the opportunity to explore different parts of the world, accomplish her goals and fulfil her passion. She is also able to work with tourist boards, airlines, travel brands and the press.

Shea takes every opportunity as a learning experience; her press trips foster her working with other content creators whilst making new friends she can collaborate with.

With her creative content and captivating character, she has been featured across many platforms. Grateful for the exposure, she has been able to build relationships and bonds with many diverse people.

Shea is committed to developing her brand The World Up Closer and making a bigger name for herself as a traveler and blogger. She promises that her brand will be releasing some great content in the near future.

She is inspired by travel blogger Brooke Saward of World of Wanderlust. Saward is especially admired by Shea because of her entrancing blog and wealth of travel experiences – written two books, travelled to over fifty countries, and is an entrepreneur.

Shea Sees The World Up Closer

Shea’s Tips For Travelers

Quite seasoned in the tourism industry and the familiarity of travelling has encouraged Shea to comprise some helpful tips for like-minded adventurers:

  • Research your destination before you decide to book your flight or load the car for a road-trip.
  • Know your latest news and what’s going on within your destination country.
  • Try to experience the culture of your destination country as much as possible to make travel memories. When you travel you explore a whole different culture; you eat what they eat, go to their tourist attractions and immerse yourself in as much as you can.
  • Don’t travel alone if you are unsure about the safety within the country.
  • Explore and Inspire.

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