Sharon Corinthian’s intriguing- Lost in Space


Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

lost in space

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Danger Will Robinson, danger
We seem to be lost in space
Our step we’re desperately trying to retrace
This reality
I just just can’t face

Lost and entangled in a cyber web
We need to recharge
For it seems our brain has gone dead
The consequences
I fear and dread

In society where everything is moving at the speed of light
Zombies, killing, eating everything in sight
Virtual reality,
With love lost for humanity
Black and white
Everyone seem to be so uptight

From emotions, to emojis
Lol, that’s funny, laugh out loud
We rather Skype than interact in a crowd
Our heads have somehow gotten stuck in the cloud

Big brother, the eye in the sky
Privacy, what’s that
We can no longer even tell a white lie
Trapped in a net, like a helpless fly

Mankind and his quest for power
We’ve become slaves to our own selfish devices
Fighting among ourselves
But did it really start with Isis
Oh, God
We are in a downward spiraling
World wide crisis.



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