Sharon Corinthian’s Cradle of Joy

Our Jamaica


On a distant island,
Ablaze with life giving sun
Living is easy and full of fun!

The natives give freely friendship,
Caring and love
Sharing blessings that come from above…

Our children are happy,
They play without fear,
Knowing someone to trust is ever near!

Pure rushing water,
When thirst takes us over
Relaxing ocean waves
From exhaustion to recover.

In the lap of nature,
Food is easy to get
Just plant a seed and the table is set…

I long for that island,
So far away
To be a child again,
To play without worry,
Laughing with the breeze to sway!

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2014
©Copyright 2012. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved

Sharon CorinthianSharon Corinthian is a Jamaican who migrated to the United States and now resides in Atlanta Georgia. She’s a mother, an aspiring writer, and an entrepreneur.

As an immigrant child with a heavy accent she was mocked by some of her peers, this left a lasting impression on her.  Those unkind actions allowed her to realize the important power of words. Often feeling lost and out of place she spent her days dissecting words and their effect on people.

Her years spent on the island of Jamaica revives memories which inspired the conception of her first of many poems —The Cradle of Joy— she then realized that she had a gift for word play. Over the years she has used words to capture her thoughts and the thoughts of others in a positive way — turning her tragedies into triumph.

Touched by her inspiring words, the founder of the organization, My Love for Autism, asked her to be a contributing writer. On this platform, she aspires to use her gift of words to encourage, uplift and inspire.

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