Sharee Elise prepares to Charm DMV patrons in the hilarious comedy Right Girl Wrong Address

Right Girl Wrong Address plays for 1 show only in Beltsville, Maryland

Sharee Elise prepares to Charm DMV patrons in the hilarious comedy Right Girl Wrong Address

Sharee Elise

The story is set in the capital city of an Island washed by the Caribbean Sea and explores the ingrained societal prejudices faced by residents of the Inner-City, simply because of their place of residence, and some of the actions they employ to overcome considerable odds.

The writer takes us into the world of young inner-city product Charm(aine) and her struggles to provide for her family as the sole breadwinner. It is a world in which the mask of prejudice is removed to reveal some of the harsh realities of life in the ghetto, and the disdain of uptown towards their plight. Read more here

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A great show never a dull moment full of laughter the singing the dancing good the cast great I must watch this again.— Evan James

Laughing non-stop….keep up the good works — Shannakay Sashii Robinson

Sharee Elise prepares to Charm DMV patrons in the hilarious comedy Right Girl Wrong Address

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 A look at Sharee Elise

Born in Falmouth, Trelawny Sharee grew up humbly with her grandfather who dubbed her “his superstar” at an early age. “Performing is in my DNA,” Sharee loves to say, as her mother was a Teacher/Dancer & choir director and her father an Entertainment Manager and an artist (painter).

In her late teens, she became a member of the world-renowned Ashe Performing Arts Company where she blossomed into a disciplined and dedicated artiste trained in Singing, Dancing and Theatre Arts and toured various countries from the Caribbean to Asia with the Company.

She got a taste of the “big stage” when she was asked to perform at The Apollo Theater in Harlem with the Company, further fueling her passion for the Performing Arts. She got bitten by the acting bug after seeing a Jambiz production in 2002 and after a brief stint in the Jamaican soap opera Royal Palm Estate, she transitioned into the acting world in 2004 when she began working with Jambiz International in her first play Woody’s Last Stand.  This provided her with the privilege of working with some of Jamaica’s Theatre ‘elite’ such as Oliver Samuels and Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell.

She has had an amazing experience on the Jambiz stage thus far, showcasing quality Jamaican theatre to Jamaica and the Diaspora at large. She continues to hone her craft under the watchful eyes of Trevor Nairne and Patrick Brown which has led to numerous Actor boy nominations for her well-defined characters in Jambiz plays… such as Easy Street, The Glass Slippaz, Saving Alligator High, and most recently for her lead role as “Charm” in this current production, Right Girl Wrong Address.

She dreams of gracing the Broadway stage and looks forward to that experience in the near future. “Nothing happens before it’s time….Stay the course” is her mantra as she goes forth with determination and great positive energy.

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