Share your joy with the world and help others

Share your joy with the world and help others

Dear Parents of Black children:

I write to you with pride and not anger.  I am reaching out to you to help many others who express the belief that Black children have to be talked about and written about by non-Blacks, especially, the White controlled media outlets, before it is recognized that our children are of substance and are worthy.

Many young children should not grow up thinking that: being married to a Caucasian person will elevate their station in life; Black people have not done great things; Black people cannot do great things; Black people are not as educated as Whites; Blacks are inferior to any other Race.

Let us continue to tell our own story, but more forcefully than we do.  Let us showcase the values, successes, and aspirations of our Black children.

There are numerous unpublished facts.  Let’s focus on documenting them more than we do. We will help in any way possible (at no cost to you) to share your facts of life.

We have lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, nurses, accountants, writers, directors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, barbers, fashion designers, television personalities, make-up artist, teachers, professors, authors, computer engineers, architects, project managers, graphic artists, military officers, motivational speakers, actors, and many others to write about.

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