Serena Warrington Soaring Towards Her Goals

Serena Warrington will begin her first year of an Undergraduate program at McMaster University for Social Science, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in September 2012. She will be pursuing a Bachelors degree with a major in Neuroscience and Behavior, and a minor in Biology.

Her studies will include implementing experiments to; conduct research leading to a better understanding of human behavior and; conduct clinical genetic research. 

Serena has volunteered at many organizations through school activities and community involvement.  She has spent a lot of her time in the Self Respect, Work hard to Overcome adversity, Lead by Example and Excellence (SWOLE) program.  This program focuses on building character necessary for students to become young leaders in their schools and communities. She was also very involved in the St. Thomas Aquinas Mentorship Program (STAMP) program. The STAMP is a mentorship program between the seniors and juniors.

While in the Garnett Manning Youth program she actively participated in various activities which have guided her towards leadership and acute academic focus. She has also had the opportunity to experience the world of politics while part of the Garnett Manning Campaign Team; former Mayoral candidate for the City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Serena broadened her vision of helping others when she volunteered with the World Vision Project.  At the World Vision project she assisted her Regional Arts Program in raising awareness and the need for others to make donations to the project. She is a leader at her Church's Sunday school and this has helped her to cultivate more spiritual reasons to love and help others.

Serena Warrington was recently awarded a scholarship, Set free To Soar Scholarship, founded by author and motivational speaker Michelle Sutherland.  The scholarship is Michelle’s way of giving back to her community. The scholarship rewards a first-year university or college student who meets the scholarship committee’s criteria.

Submitted by Sylvia Warrington 

We at The Caribbean Current wish Serena all the best in her studies. 



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