Science makes significant contribution to Cuban economy

Cuban scientific research contributes some of the most valuable export products of the Caribbean island in the biotechnology sector.
In 2011, the Havana-based Immunological Assays Center (CIE) alone reported exports calculated at $53 million, Mayra Espionosa, an official with the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, told the Cuban news agency.
The scientific center produces reagents, software programs, equipment and lab systems for internal quality control and personnel qualification, while it is advancing in the field of nanotechnology, Espinosa explained.
One third of all scientists in the Third World do not work in their countries of origin, while the number of people devoted to science and technology in the north is estimated at 0.2 percent. Meanwhile, in southern countries such figure is below 0.05 percent, according to statistics released by international institutions.
New Cuban products were awarded the Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), said the official, who cited the pharmaceutical known as Heberprot-P, used in the treatment of diabetic feett. The Cuban product has been registered in five continents, including highly industrialized countries.
First deputy foreign trade and investment minister Antonio Carricarte said that the export of services, particularly in the sectors of health and tourism, contribute 70 percent of Cuba’s income.



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