Russia, Venezuela send aid to Cuba following Hurricane Sandy

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Russia will send construction materials to Cuba to restore houses and other facilities destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, as reported from Moscow. The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations announced the transportation by air of a cargo of humanitarian aid for hurricane victims, according to a report by the Rossia 24 State television channel, reproduced by the Prensa Latina news agency. 

Meanwhile, a flight arrived in Santiago de Cuba on Tuesday from Venezuela with 14 tons of food, as part of humanitarian aid for the province, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

The cargo consisted of milk, sugar, rice, pasta, tuna fish, sardines, lentils, oil and beans.  Crew members of the C-130 aircraft, belonging to the Venezuela Air Force, told the press that a ship with aid for Cuba and Haiti also left from Venezuela on Tuesday, with two frigates and an aircraft with 65 tons of various products to follow.

Over the last few days, Cuba has received messages of solidarity and offers of help from Nicaragua, China, Uganda, Colombia, Panama, Germany and France, among other countries.



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