Russell Simmons’ greenROKS Ventures Aims To Educate Youth

Media, music, fashion, philanthropic and entertainment mogul, Russell Simmons, has announced plans to create “greenROKS Ventures.”

The company is an incubator of youth entertainment properties and multi-media platforms and will launch with the first in a series of preteen-teen mobile games, greenROKS – “Mission G-ROK” in spring of 2013.

Simmons says, “Entertainment is what resonates quickest with youth, which today means online and mobile activities (based on broad affirming data) and will continue to be the driving force to reach youth worldwide.”

The greenROKS Ventures philosophy and purpose is to build out nuanced projects, including mobile and tablet games and video, that will engage and entertain, while educating youth on relevant health, environment and social matters, each topic being equally at the forefront of Simmons’ personal life, interests and efforts.

Simmons says the first release, greenROKS – “Mission G-ROK”, “will allow kids to exercise their creative muscles by combining storytelling, music, math and science.”
greenROKS – "Mission G-ROK revolves around a hip, outgoing 11 year old boy, G-ROK, who is an aspiring music star that has been chosen to save the world before it is destroyed by the world’s worst evil villain.

Expect many more entertainment projects to be introduced by greenROKS Ventures in the future, including webisodes, television, theatre and more, as well as further detailed announcements regarding greenROKS – “Mission G-ROK” in Spring 2013.
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Source: PR Newswire
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