Rushane Campbell, from practicing attorney to Youtube sensation RushCam

Rushane Campbell, from practicing attorney to Youtube sensation RushCamRushane Campbell joined Youtube in 2018 and since has been an internet sensation. However, it didn’t come overnight as he started branding and collaborating with Jamaican celebrities, but his humor and personality kept his audience wanting more.

“I think life has aligned itself for me to maximize my potential. I can tutor, consult in law and explore my creative self, so I get to do a bit of everything… I think it’s not the worst decision, but the best decision.” – Rushane Campbell

In October of 2018, he uploaded a Youtube video explaining the life-changing decision to quit his job as a lawyer. This pronouncement came on the heels of what was his first anniversary since graduating Norman Manley Law School, UWI and six months since he secured a job at a notable law firm.

Truth is, he was called to the bar in December 2017 and was working, what was described as an amazing job, in January 2018 when he was given a sign. While he was still employed, Rushane found himself becoming despondent, feeling like he was just going through the motions with an uneasy feeling that made functioning quite difficult.

“I’ve never experienced that kind of sadness. I was a functioning depressant. I was tremendously unhappy… Something doesn’t feel right.” – Rushane Campbell

Without a doubt, he often fell into bouts of depression, where he would experience negative emotions and a weight on his heart. However, the real Jamaican in him believed it was just an emotional and mental storm that he needed to just “ride out”. Fast forward a couple of weeks, he adopted that mentality, but he started seeing signs manifest in different ways through his church, his friends and his own feelings he knew it was something he could no longer ignore.

With thoughts of how he would now support himself, and given that he had thoughts of leaving his job tormented him. The attorney was caught between a rock and a hard place of being financially stable and potentially being incapable to do so. He asked for a more prominent sign to confirm that he would be alright subsequent to the choice he was about to make, and eventually, the world started to fall on his shoulders.

The story of Elijah became evident in various ways as his friends, sermons, bible readings and podcasts he listened to focused on this verse for a week, “how God would provide for him and not worry”. It was on April 24th, 2018 that he wrote his letter of resignation and had three months to plan – what was he going to do now? The confirmation for him came in the supportive gestures and words of his boss with whom he had a heart to heart talk about life.

“[I told him that] I don’t think that this is for me…. I think that is where he looked at me like he knew this all along… and he said ‘you don’t have to feel like you have to prove anything to anyone’… but I felt like I let down myself, my family and everyone around me, and having done all this sacrifice, I didn’t reach the goal.” – Rushane Campbell

Faith was also a huge contributing factor when Rushane jumped into the deep end of life. More times than not, he had no idea what he was doing nor did he plan out his days, but one thing was for certain, he always had an opportunity; he was the modern-day Elijah.

“It’s not for everyone. It’s not glamorous or fun, [so] why would you leave [a source of steady income] to get a steady income from something you don’t know what you’re doing? …if it is for you-you will know; don’t do anything prematurely, and it doesn’t mean you have to leave [the] 9-5 [job] altogether. If you do it, you have to have faith and dig deep, know it’s going to pay off and don’t be hard on yourself.” – Rushane Campbell

Rushane Campbell, from practicing attorney to Youtube sensation RushCamOf course, with change, it is not readily accepted by the persons around you and while they will have questions, he has gotten tremendous unwavering support from his friends, family, and God. He finds that continuing along the journey positively, and not having to owe anyone anything as his former boss eloquently advised, life is much easier.

“It is just interesting that when you take that leap and step out of your comfort zone, you see how life shows itself to you, so you just have to have faith and take it day by day. I take it a step at a time…” – Rushane Campbell

Since his decision, he has branded himself as RushCam and started a YouTube channel which already has about 6,500 subscribers. Recently, the celeb has been casted in Jamaica’s first sitcom Bigger Boss which aired in February 2019. He also enjoys his life as a socialite with which he shares his adventures with over 7,000 followers on Instagram.

Rushane has hosted various events, and when he’s not being an actor, comedian, attorney or inspiration, he continues to be a beckon to those who are afraid to take the step to follow their dreams.

“Life is so short, it is not about being tied down to one thing. You can die tomorrow and say what if? Everything happens for a reason. Just live. You don’t have to follow the path I am on, you can decide for yourself.” – Rushane Campbell

By Alexandra Daley



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