Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

If you haven’t realized by now, we have been doing a Caribbean capital series where we feature some Caribbean countries and their capitals. We’ve done capitals of the Cayman IslandsArubaBelizeAnguillaSt. Kitts and Nevis, and now we move over to the untold treasure of Dominica, here is our feature on Roseau, the capital of Dominica.

“I am beauty unspoilt. Culture preserved. 

 I am a diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise.

 I am the trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean destination.

I am volcanic peaks, boiling waters and underwater champagne springs.

Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest canopies.

 I am celebrations of music, art and flowers.

I am nature’s island.

 I am Dominica.

Are You?”

Adapted from the official website of Dominica 

Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

Dominica in All Her Glory

Known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean and often confused with The Dominican Republic; Dominica is truly the place to vacation if you want raw pre-Columbian Carib Indian culture and unspoilt natural beauty.

Dominica is found south of Martinique and north of Guadeloupe, still snug upon the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Since independence in 1978, Dominica has joined CARICOM and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States  moving from the colonial collectivism approach to being more of an individualistic country.

Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

While Dominicans are plagued with challenges both economically and politically (as are other Caribbean countries), they have continuing to overcome them with their innovations through the agricultural, and especially, the banana trade and determination to remain a peaceful country. Tourism also generates a lot of revenues and travelers from near and far. The numerous attractions and overwhelming natural beauty of the island keep attracting people to the country.

Tourists enjoy engaging in the bliss of each photographic moment which captures some of the most beautiful scenes within rainforests, volcanic sites, lakes, beaches,and infrastructure.  Rainforests engulf two-thirds of the island and Dominica is home to 1,200 plant species, and a large number of animals.

Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

If the sightseeing wasn’t enough to drag you in, then, it is also great to experience the culture which is brought across by the residents. Approximately 70,000 persons inhabit Dominica and a significant amount resides in the country’s capital, Roseau, which is not surprising. The official language of the country is English so tourists won’t have a puzzling time trying to understand another language. However, some Dominicans speak Creole and English with a hint of a French accent.

Roseau’s People & Culture

Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

Roseau’s people are warm and welcoming. Wearing vibrant colours, they express their creativity through music and their cultural celebrations and commemorate their ancestral roots through their craft and cuisine. They have a balanced blend of French, African, English and Carib roots which is portrayed in their music and dance.

Roseau’s Climate

Roseau has a tropical rainforest climate, that is why its fauna and flora throughout the island is able to thrive so well. Although the country’s capital has more infrastructures and less vegetation, the richness of its architecture is still a sight to behold.

Roseau’s Cuisine

The cuisine in Roseau (and Dominica) is similar to that of other Caribbean islands; however, however they have added their own unique Dominican flavor to their cuisines. Codfish, saltfish, cornmeal porridge, fried dough are some similar Caribbean breakfast staples, but the traditional British influenced breakfasts are also eaten. Chicken, fish, and beef are eaten in Dominica as the primary meat source and are often prepared with vegetables and herbs and are stewed, baked, fried, etc. Common sides include plantains, yams, tanias, potatoes, and rice and peas.

Restaurants in Roseau serve assorted cuisines ranging from Italian, French, and Caribbean. Popular and top rated restaurants include Old Stone Grill & Bar, Kozy’s Niche, Cocorico Café, Ruins Rock Café, Le Petit Paris Bakery & Restaurant, Pearl’s Cuisine, Papillote Rainforest Restaurant, Fusion Village Restaurant & Bar, Café Desiderata and Sunshine Cottage.

Roseau’s Trade & Tourism

Roseau is Dominica’s most essential foreign trade port, as it exports vegetables, fruits, cocoa, bananas, and bay oil to foreign countries. These exports earn tremendous revenues which are vital to the lives of Dominicans. A diverse set of tourists comes from all over the world to experience the city of Roseau. While the growth of tourism has slowed over the past decade, it is now beginning to show signs of improvements due to more aggressive marketing and promotion of the island. Yes there are fewer beaches on the island than their other Caribbean sister islands, but this country still has other attractions like hot springs, lakes and national parks and gardens which attract and entice many vacationers.

Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

Overlooking Roseau – Credit –

Things to Do In Roseau

Roseau is a place for many opportunities to engage in worthwhile activities, especially with the inimitable hot springs and botanical gardens, there are many outlets for one to just get away.

If you are looking for more things to do, here are some enjoyable options to consider: going to the beach and participating in water sports, sightseeing and touring nature and wildlife parks, visit museums, camping and hiking trails, thermal spas, river rafting, and tubing.

If you love sports, Dominicans engage in sporting activities such as football and cricket and there is a stadium at Windsor Park.

Accommodation in Roseau

The top rated hotel in Roseau is the Fort Young Hotel, followed by Castle Comfort Dive Lodge, Anchorage Hotel & Dive Center, Evergreen Hotel, Garraway Hotel and La Flamboyant Hotel. All have their own unique experiences and offer the very best accommodations for tourists and residents who want to spend some time away from their own home.

Roseau, the capital of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean

By Alexandra Daley

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