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The story is set in the capital city of an Island washed by the Caribbean Sea and explores the ingrained societal prejudices faced by residents of the Inner-City, simply because of their place of residence, and some of the actions they employ to overcome considerable odds.

The writer takes us into the world of young inner-city product Charm(aine) and her struggles to provide for her family as the sole breadwinner. It is a world in which the mask of prejudice is removed to reveal some of the harsh realities of life in the ghetto, and the disdain of uptown towards their plight.

Here are some of the reviews by patrons and media outlets which suggest that the play Right Girl Wrong Address should be enjoyed by patrons in the Washington Metro area.

Right Girl, Wrong Address is another hit for Patrick Brown and his team and should not be missed. A family friendly, girls night out, after work chill out, solid good time, with a little life lesson for all.- https://goodnewsjamaica.com/entertainment/right-girl-wrong-address-a-review/

Right Girl, Wrong Address is an engaging and fulfilling experience. – http://www.buzzzmagazine.com/play-review-right-girl-wrong-address/

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